Friday 8 July 2016

Dark Angels - Jetfighter - Moar TO DONE!

Usually I add the 'obligatory phone pics' on the end of my TO DONE! post. I take them as I usually need pics on my phone that I don't need to view via the cloud. However, I'd ogt a tonne of pics from camera and these just turned out so cool I thought they deserved a post of their own.

In case you're wondering the camera app is called Camera 360 and it's got loads of filters [which I'm sure other apps also do] but they work pretty seamlessly. The below ones are more 'enhanced', not really very good pics but this help in low light conditions for my battle reports and the Double Trouble shots. Obviously this was well lit, hnce why the colours are pretty stark.

However other filters brought out these richer tones and made it far more brooding.

Hope you liked these more dramatic shots, I wonder what's next on the table?

Oh and I suddenly had a thought to do a video, it's not great at all, I'll try to do better in future but as I just threw it together it's definitely something I may well do again and get it right.


  1. excellent. im surprised my work internt filter let me view these photos, they are smoking hot

  2. Amazing work Dave! Gorgeous photos to boot! I really love that red translucent cockpit!

  3. It's looking awesome Dave .. keep it up. And the filters really make it looks slick!

  4. Love those mood shots. Makes it very atmospheric! Gonna have to try that app

  5. Looking good sir, looking very good.

  6. What a gorgeous model! Top work mate