Monday 11 May 2015

Dark Angels - Dark Vengeance Deathwing - TO DONE!

It's been nearly a year since I first posted about these guys and to finally have them complete in such a 'short' amount of time is good going for me, well for the Dark Angels at least. Once again I have mixed feelings, both of pride and disappointment. There are things I really like and they're definitely improved on their Assault on Black Reach predecessors . But there are still elements that don't quite sit right with me, especially when I see other Dark Angel forces that are more consistent uniform in their execution.

 However, I know these are far more complex, detailed and well executed than my Tyranids and if they don't stand together quite as well as the nids do then at least the nids have something to be proud of.

I'm still dubious about the 'enamaled' crows raven feathers but I used a different gloss varnish which isn't as thick so I get the reflection without the distortion of detail. The lightning effect is also both something I'm impressed with for it's nebulous nature and disappointed with for it's lack of crispness, I just cant win with myself!

They all came together as a unit though and overall I'm pleased with the results.

It's not immediately evident but I reconciled my litanies/native markings dilemma. Compared to the AoBR Terminators these guys are riddled with extra detail. To add more elements would just make them even more busy.

So I tried to only add bits were appropriate, mainly on the back, which you'll see later on.

I was also pleased with the green lenses. They're a bit more vibrant than the AoBR ones and probably not true OSL effect but I was pleased with the results.

Assault Cannon, I wasn't 100% happy with the black and white heraldry shield but there wasn't too much space for extra details.

I added litanies on his backside armour, it seemed the best place on all the models, unobtrusive but sufficient to fit the theme I instigated with the Tacticals. He also got three tribal stripes on his left leg armour.

There were three tribal stripes on the side of his carapace, but they were so small and inconspicuous I added the leg stripes.

The Sergeant was a mixed success. I actually think the iridescent Raven feathers is quite effective but the blackness just look incongruous with the rest of the model. Even the Obsidian sword blade does little to tie this black colour into the rest of the model. 

He got 3 tribal stripes on top of his carapace, and I just noticed that spot of turquoise paint I need to touch up. I also painted the litanies to be like a very fine pen illustration, like you see all the 'scribe work' in the 40k rulebook. I was really chuffed with that.

And here you have the severed Chaos Space Marine head. I did ask if people could guess which traitor force it would be, did anyone imagine it would be the Alpha Legion? I'm not sure DA's have a traditional arch-enemy like the Space Wolves/1000 Sons, Imperial Fists/Iron Warriors but I do know the Alpha Legion outwitted them a lot to keep them out of the Heresy.

They're infiltration tactics also fit well with some Ferron Proxima fluff I've been thinking about for ages, just not had the chance to explore. 

I used a Land Speeder Storm Missile Launcher to represent my Cyclone Missile Launcher

I also added an old skool knife blade as a bayonet on the Storm Bolter. This was from the old metal Space Marines that had plastic arms, bolters and back packs. I'm not happy with the blade if I'm honest but c'est la vie.

More litany on his butt plate.

And the tribal markings on his leg. I know the bottom chevron tapers a little bit on the left hand side but I kind of like it, like it's been daubed on but isn't quite as neat as it could be, at least that's what I'll keep telling myself.

And the top view with added Ravenwing or Terminator badge

The Chainfist Terminator. He's got three tribal stripes on his thigh plate and a single stripe on his Chainfist blade.

I did litanies on his butt plate too and a small 5th company badge to represent the company he was part of before ascending to the Deathwing.

I really liked the tribal stripes, subtle yet distinctive.

The severed cultist head. He's decked out in the colours of the Free Radical Collective at this point you should be able to piece together some of the extra fluff. There's no coincidence that their accent colour happens to mirror a certain traitorous legion also found on Ferron Proxima... or is it?

I was a little less happy about the First Legion numeral on his kneepad, it seems I can't do neat and tidy lines and these pics look really distorted too :(

This guy also shows his legacy company on his heraldry shield.

The added DA upgrade element on his carapace and heraldry shield was an additional touch to differentiate this from the other model that looks the same from the set, although the other one does have the Cyclone Missile Launcher too.

Big fat Roman numeral again :(

He decorated his butt plate with sword artwork and litanies. There are also three tribal stripes on the left hand side of his back armour, you can just see the, as they come round the edge of the armours.

Here's the Red Stamp of Approval and it's on my list too! I've got Deathleaper up next for completion, just because and then my Azrael kitbash and even the AoBR commander who has been languishing for ages and is practically 90-95% complete. Then I've got to finish my Land Speeders [or at least one] and maybe do a bike squad.


  1. Really hoping you get a new awesome codex that makes these fellas spectacular Dave. They are gorgeously painted and deserve equal time on the table!

    1. To be honest Greg a new and exciting Codex isn't really high on my list, the fact is Marines are an upgrade for me in any form. They're all tough, strong, armoured and can shoot straight. I'm not bemoaning nids again because I know they can be effective too its just stats wise they're already an improvement and I've always been pleasantly surprised at Astarte's durability.

      Saying all that even if I discover this force to be fundamentally weak in some areas, well I've experience of that too. ;)

    2. Well as an ork player, I feel your pain somewhat. I just faced Todd's @sincain40k over the weekend, and him having BS5 on his auspect warriors vs my BS2 was disheartening to say the least. I'd shoot 18 times and hit 4, He'd shoot 26 and hit 24 (guided as well).

  2. Grand work. That verdigris is particularly nice!