Friday 22 May 2015

Terrain is everything - PeteB's Eldar Scenery

PeteB emailed me the other day with a batch of pcitures of his latest hobby enterprise so I thought I'd share with...
Hi All

Seeing as I have once again succumbed to the disease known as plastic crack (or fast divorce) I reckoned it has a good time to give Dave a helping hand with his blog.
What I really wanted to do was showcase the amazing bit of scenery I purchased from ebay. As I haven't got the time or the skill level of some of my more esteemed (and gifted) compadres, I needed an easier way of finally getting around to building a decent table.
Searching on ebay under the heading of 'eldar buildings', I found the fab buildings of one wargame-model-mods. After a quick browse I paid the measly sum of around 20 quid for the snapily named 'Alien Building Forwards Bases terrain scenery warhammer 40k wargames eldar'. To be honest my 5 year old could have done the search and I reckon even she would have found it with such a title! (url below....)

I apologise as the pics start about half way through the build, but I mainly wanted to give an idea of the scale and detail on the building. My wraithknight struggles to see over the top!! I put on a marine, a tau commander and also a termie for scale.
Build wise, I found it to be a lot easier than I first imagined. The kit arrived as flat pack, which would have put Ikea to shame. Due to some very clear consise rules, myself and my 10 year old put it together in about 1.5 hours, over 2 days to allow some of the more fragile bits to set. It even came with 4 lenghts of aegis defence line which have their own bases to keep them upright.
This is a cracking centre piece for any table and to complement it I reckon some watch towers and a webway portal are in order, there are even some bits for the monkeigh's out there too!!!


  1. That's an awesome piece of terrain!

  2. I'm a big fan of the MDF terrain. So easy to put together and yet simple enough to give it your own detailing and your own personal touch easily.

  3. ebay is a great source of MDF terrain, some of it looks fantastic. I recently purchased some MDF walkways to incorporate into a refinery I plan to build over the summer.