Saturday, 9 May 2015

'nids part 168 - Deathleaper micro-blog

It's funny I just realised I've hardly posted anything about this guy, well except for his base back in February. Anyway he's pretty much finished now and before I post the final completed pics I thought I'd at least share this WiP of the Blog Wars banner. This was just before I was going to paint the words 'Blog Wars' on it. I'd already decided that the number wasn't going on as it's already difficult to see the logo and adding the text will obscure it further. To try and add a big blue 9 over the top, well it'd just be a mess.

With all the folds and tears it's already very busy and adding Blog Wars alone was a gamble, hence why I took the picture, to have a record at least. I've since painted on the words and thankfully it's not ruined, it's quite OK really. Naturally I could have chosen a more interesting banner but I want this guy to have one last shot at redemption for BW9. If I have to go with nids at BW10 [although I hope it's actually titled Blog Wars X... Alex?] then I will definitely drop him for either the Swarmlord or Old One Eye. So this is just to get you up-to-date, hopefully I'll be getting his completed photos done over the weekend and you'll see him in all his glory... or, given it's Deathleaper, not see him then be in all your own gorey [do you see what I did there?]