Friday 15 May 2015

Dark Angels - Dark Vengeance and Assault on Black Reach Deathwing Hobby Porn

One could argue I'm scraping the barrel with this post but having photographed the completed Dark Vengeance Deathwing I thought it only fair to put them on my Honored Imperium broken aquila terrain piece and then share the limelight with their Assault on Black Reach bretheren. So enjoy the 'atmospheric' shots

Here old and new are mixed together with only the lightly darker AoBR colour scheme and higher contrast DV models being the noticeable differences.

Helmet lenses were a little more subtle in the light cast off them on the AoBR models.

Roman numerals were neater too.

Purity Seal is still the 'gift' that keeps on giving - it's like they've been covered in dust for ages compared to the bright bases of the DV Deathwing. Just goes to show that spray varnish is cursed. I continue to paint on Army Painter Anti Shine. It's a pain and if you manhandle it too soon after painting it can still be tacky, I've stripped paint off base edges with impatience recently. But that at least convinces me that it's actually drying as a protective coating and however tedious it is to apply I'm never again going to ruin another model with spray.

A quick coating off the AoBR base edges with Vallejo Heavy Red should at least bring them in line with the current models. I've noticed alot of old Mechrite Red bases have faded a bit, I think this is more to do with me watering down some applications.

Heavy Red doesn't have the greatest coverage [despite the name] but after a few coats it's super-vibrant. Usually I apply a coat of my dwindling supply of Mechrite Red for coverage and then overcoat it with Heavy Red for vibrancy.

Anywa I hope you don't mind me indulging these images


  1. Lovely job on these Dave! You should be taking tons of photos! they're gorgeous!

  2. Very nice! I've had similar pains with purity seal. I got a set of objective markers painted up and sprayed them. They now have a lovely white sheen on them.

    1. Olive oil does help, it will eventually dry out but give it a go. There's a few posts on the blog about frosting, if you didn't know, just search up top and you should find some potential tips to help mitigate it. According to GW using a hair dryer after application helps the two parts of the varnish bond properly. Apparently its a gloss varnish with a matting agent and one dries quicker than the other if they're not mixed properly or conditions aren't optimum. The hair dryer helps them dry at the same rate. Personally I'll never risk it again though.

  3. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the finished force.