Thursday 7 May 2015

Dark Angels - HQ choices

As mentioned in my Seraphicus post I took some more pictures while I was at it. Asmodai got to be photgraphed in natural light and the rest of my completed HQ Choices all came together:
  • Watcher in the Dark
  • Techmarine
  • Asmodai
  • Seraphicus
  • Librarian

Given the massive variety in colour schemes for this Mötley Crüe of individuals I pleasantly surprised [relieved] they actually aren't as disparate as I feared. I think it's the Red Planet Base that's tieing them all together so I'm grateful for having that theme once more.

It's also nice to see some of these models that have been completed and boxed up for a while as I've not got enough to game with yet so essentially they're in storage.

But they look great and soon I will have that 1500pts, which is looking to need to be expanded to 1875 for the the likes of Throne of Skulls and 1850 for Blog Wars.

And here's Asmodai, you can see a bit more about the shading and highlights on the black. It's very subtle and time consuming for something that is barely discernible but I'm still pleased with the results. Any lighter and I feel it would have gone against the reflective properties of fabric, maybe I could have done some cross hatching to mitigate that...

It certainly looks a bit better on the folds on the back.

I tried greggs piece of paper underneath to bounce light under the hood with little success.

But really these shots are about better colour and I think it helps give and additional perspective on Asmodai.

I hate painting purity seals, my ham-fisted bits of text look awful. However, I actually love them as bits of decoration and will be adding a lot of Purity Seals to a number of new models.

Anyway, I still like this guy.


  1. Really nice work Dave. Enjoying your dark angels, as they're so freaking grimdark its fantastic!

    The white paper bounce is hit or miss. You'll now whether or not its working based on if you can see the light moving as you move the paper. Otherwise there isn't enough light to reflect. Can do tricks with more reflective sources, such as alumnium foil, etc. It's just a cheap trick to control light a bit more with certain things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and it always looks silly.

  2. Very nice sir. Very nice.

  3. Asmodai looks great. I love the reds on that Tech marine too