Wednesday 26 November 2014

GW Southport

When I was at GWSouthport for Armies on Parade I took some pics of the figures in the display cabinet. So I thought I'd share them here because I still don't have much content to keep me going so I'll just have to make do with this for the mo.

 A nice Necron Night Scythe

Space Pixie paper plane.

Some crazy dark Space Wolves

Fab purple metallic Necrons

Yet more of the Crons

And that's your lot.


  1. Thanks for the photos Dave! I feel your pain with blogging sometimes. "Oh crap I didn't do anything last week, what do I post! :) )

    1. Well it's something, because I've pretty much got nothing at the moment. I finished my elf Blood Bowl team but haven't taken their pics or varnished them. And that's it... well there's other boring stuff ticking over but it's not worth sharing, so the blog is suffering like never before. I'll get my head on straight eventually though, thanks Greg.