Wednesday 19 November 2014

Blog Wars 8 Armies

Alex already put up his photographs from the painting competition but I didn't want to steal his thunder[wolves] so here are my own shaky cam shots of those armies who mustered for the painting competition. I'll let the pics do most of the talking so just enjoy.

First up Space Wolves:

Secondly, Space Wolves.

And thirdly, erm Space Wolves - PeteB's very own.

Typically PeteB has put the Imperial Knight on ebay already!

Finally, something different, Space Pixies!

Evil Space Pixies.

More Space Pixies, Evil and the Poet kind.

Gareth's Ta on a trampoline.

Howling Griffons [?] and the Rebel Alliance.

Brazen Claws [although I thought they were the Brown Claws, which conjured a completely different fluff image for me].

Crimson Fists

Ben's Necrons, I still think these are really good, certainly the best painted of his armies, even if I've still to smash their little metal minds apart.

And the overall winner with Evil Space Pixies, my mate Liam. Of course he cheated by adding in his Tantalus which wasn't in his army list but I'll forgive him, it was his birthday afterall, although he kept it very quiet.

Sorry, just trying to get a decent shot of this...

And here was my own effort, that came second but you've seen all this stuff before.

Incidentally Alex mentioned he didn't get a pic of my 'Deathleaper', that's no surprise as I was still proxying my Lictor but if you want to see him in all his glory all the pics are here:


  1. Such lovely armies! I need to introduce you to the monopod :). Fits in a backpack, super easy to use and packup, no more shaky photos!

  2. Some great looking armies here Dave thanks for sharing and the one I have planned wont look out of place next to em.