Monday 3 November 2014

The sky is falling, let it rain!

Y'know the bit in South Park when someone goes to heaven only to be denied entrance because they chose the wrong faith and it turns out 'Mormons had it right all along'? Well out of all the third party casts of Mycetic Spores that came out who'd have thought that Mr Dandy would have been the one most on the money.

This looks so like the central core of the Sporocyst, you could easily add the five 'arms' with Tyrgon head crests if you wanted something even more similar.

And just a reminder, in February I was mourning it's loss but here we are right back at it with so much more too. The fact is I am super excited to have this back in my arsenal. Will I be purchasing one though...? Erm, not just yet. I obviously have my own scratchbuilds and they will suffice for now. So is that an own goal by GW, too little too late? Not at all because right now I'm looking at the Codex anew. Suddenly there options, some I mentioned in my earlier post but these are kits I had not entertained before. The Haruspex I wanted for the cool model but as Monkeychuka pointed out the Haruspex is awesome but the Exocrine is more useful. Now the Haruspex has a delivery mechanism, heck pretty much everything can be in your face, this way. I was only contemplating how much we needed that level of deployment when this happened to me the other night:

There's nothing like seeing your opponent put drop pods on your Landing Pad to feel slightly aggrieved you can't even attempt the same. Still, all kinds of fun to be had. I will be definitely be getting some new models, models I wouldn't have considered prior to this option, so although I'll muddle on with the pods for friendly games I will be partaking of other gribbly sustenance. However, I have quite a bit on the plate at the moment, stuff that is in my hobby list and as and when my mojo and opportunity returns I will be focusing on those items.

So as giddy as a schoolgirl I may be thanks to GWs beneficence I will have to contain my excitement and just enjoy the new dawn that's arrived just 10 months after the initial horror of the new Codex. happy days!


  1. Think of the conversion possibilities.... hide your wallet

  2. The only bad thing is that it's a HS slot which means at most you can only have 3 & if you do take 3 you lose some of the big hitters.

  3. Frank,
    Re-read the entry. It doesn't take a FOC slot. (it's in the rules for it)

    I agree Dave, this is a very exciting time. The combo' many combo's! Tyranofexes became super awesome suddenly! Drop a 2+ T6 MC in your opponents backfield that flames the crap outta everything!

    1. Does the Sporocyst not take a slot? What about the Mucolid?

      I think I'd rather have a Tfex than a Haruspex or Toxicrene. It's dull to have so many on the same 'chassis' but the model is much better value and I struggle to get past that. But when i consider it anyway it puts Harpies and Crones back on the table and in the end I just think haven't I got enough already?

    2. The spore mine launcher takes a heavy slot. The spore pod doesn't. The mines themselves are troops, so you can fill your troops selection tax for 30 points.