Friday 5 December 2014

'nids part 154 - Malanthropism!

Back in the day I think it was Ron off of From the Warp who said you should never have to apologise for not being able to blog, that life comes first and most readers should respect that. However, that doesn't take into account being brought up to be polite and well mannered. Although I agree with the sentiment in practice I can't help but apologise because some folk may well have been waiting for my regular posts and might well think I've been buried under a pile of foamboard, nibbled at by the cat and never to return...! So yeah, I'm sorry but mojo is in short supply as was hinted at in previous posts. Sadly it's the blogging that is very low on my hobby matrix but I have tinkered away with a few things and here's the evidence - the 'Filth', Damnasia's Plague

Apparently the Malanthrope is the bees knees so I had to get one. I think that Monkeychuka's kitbash may be better looking but without the tentacle maker and the spare bits I was forced to go with this fella.

He's quite deceptive, I think thanks to the tapered shape in that he doesn't look too big, then you put it next to another model and he is indeed quite impressive.

I've secured the acrylic rod in a Barbed Strangler barrel which will suffice.

I'll paint the base and Malathrope separately but this is really just to kick start the hobby again, slowly. Doing bits here and there that I'm familiar with while I finish up the things I promised to do. Blood Bowl Elves are complete I just need to varnish and photograph them

Hopefully having him in the background to add basecoats and washes too will help motivate me in the other things.

So it's not much and may be a while yet for another post but I appreciate everyone's patience while I get back on the horse instead of the wagon I've been on ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I can see their benefits but for me they fulfill a very passive support. I'm much happier with something that is more pro-active, which is odd given my propensity for fortifications. The Cover Saves and Synapse is cool but I wonder if a Venomthrope and Zoanthrope aren't just as good, because you also get psychic powers and two targets instead of the one...

      But if I wanted another one I'd consider following your example.

    2. They are force multipliers. Unlike venomthropes, they allow you to be far more aggressive, as they aren't easily killed or dealt with. And if you assault with something larger, you just pile in with the male, and once you end the combat, now it's buffing everything around it.

      It's also crazy points efficient. I'd say it's one of the stars of the nid codex. My friend started with he wants more and more.

      Glad to see you building one! Is the rod your own? Does it just use a standard GW rod by default?

    3. I'm working on one at the moment as well, after playing against one that proved to be a real pain. I really need to stop working on projects that aren't on my to-do list ;-)

    4. It does have a standard clear rod but this is 3mm acrylic, a bit bendy actually, perhaps 4mm would have been better, so it can stand a little taller.

  2. Dont forget that they have high initiative, poison 2+, a good save and regeneration. If they win in CC they give your army preferred enemy so you can use them aggressively. Like Greg says, crazy points efficient and the best support choice available to Nids imho.

  3. This is an awesome model, I even got one before the current rules boost.

    They are amazing aux/support units, and quite durable.

    Sadly, I find that in CC their poor WS, lack of attacks and poor AP (um...ap dash? The old one was a mc...this one is not) he is deceptively BAD in cc, but still fun to play.

    Good luck and keep going!!!

    1. The trick is to not use him in cc directly,but pile him into a cc you are going to win!

  4. I'm with seemingly everyone here. At 85 points, I'd honestly have been happy with simply a venomthrope with Synapse (Which is the downside to his little buddy: he competes for elite spots/synapse).

    But for those extra points, I get the gift that keeps on giving: he's toughness 5 and has good armor, so he's durable and largely immune to being doubled out; he isn't even bad in an assault, and can tie up characters to allow your big bugs to slaughter hapless units.

    I think you'll love him in action. I know I do.