Thursday 6 November 2014

Moar of Otty's Inquisition force

Otty sent these through to the Facebook group again but not everyone wants to get their fix of the 40kaddict [such as it is these days :( ] through the book of face. So I'm sharing it here because they deserve the wider audience and right now I don't have any content anyway [sorry folks]! But do I love the effect on these shields!I'm enot sure if it's meant to be a marble effect or battle damage but they're fantastic.

As promised, here are some pics of LOTR witch king converted into inquisitional death cult assassins. These are 3 of ultimately 9. I'm still sticking to the plan to convert, and every model have some robes and metal on them. The plan for these is to assault out of an land raider redeemer. I am not convinced by the brass etched inquision eyes, I think perhaps freehand painted ones would have been better.

Personally I like the brass etch and it's really quite impressive how the Lord of the Rings models have been 'grimdarked' to fit into 40k. The simple addition of servo-skulls and bolt-pistols. These be-robed models could be easily integrated into a Dark Angels force, either as scouts or servitor/thralls

Anyway, lets hope Otty has some more stuff to share because I'm fresh out of juice, although I have my Blog Wars list to share...

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  1. That's a great conversion idea! Nice paintjob too!