Monday 10 November 2014

Blog Wars 8 - The Aftermath

Saturday was Blog Wars 8 and I had so much fun With PeteB, Liam and Ben. We all went as a group, PeteB taking his Space Wolves, Liam his Dark Eldar and Ben taking my arch-nemesis - Necrons. We all had a great time despite a less than stellar succes right [in gaming terms]. According to the results I came 18th, with Ben typically taking the best slot out of our group - 10th [although he faced some unique new combos that finally taught his crons 'fear']. PeteB came 22nd and Liam was dead last at 26th.

PeteB's Space Wolves
On the plus side that won him the coveted Wooden Spoon Prize, Certificate and £5 voucher for Element Games and on his birthday too! But the prizes didn't end there, PeteB picked up a spot prize when one of his unit was killed when his blast weapon deviated onto his own Thunderwolves. He picked up a pack of Tactical Objective cards for the failure and gifterd them to Liam [as it was his birthday.

Liam's Dark Eldar
Then Liam won best painted army [I cam 2nd], another £15 voucher for Element Game, and on his birthday he even picked up best Character for a further £10 voucher. to cap it all PeteB won a Voidraven bomber in the raffle and then 'on his birthday' Liam won a Muderfang Dreadnought so Liam and PeteB promptly swapped prizes. We owned BW8!

Ben's Necrons
Hive Feleet Gorgon - Ferron Splinter Fleet

I even managed to discover about a dozen packs of Tactical objective cards in the Element Games shop, they're right there on the counter and you can order online, although if you get chanc eto visit it is like Aladdin's Cave.
I did take pictures so hopefully I'll get some battle reports done. The only real downside to the day had nothing to do with the tournament or the games but the fact when I came to unpack my army at the start of the day, which hasn't been touched since Armies on Parade. I seem to be missing my CORE toolbox, not to mention a takeaway tub full of my latest Genestealers

Admittedly it doesn't look like this inside now, but it does contain my Warriors, Primes, some Stealers, both Broodlords and assorted odds and sods. Luckily I had sufficent models to make do in all my games but when I returned home I could find no sign of either of these in our back room. Of course it's full of allsorts at the moment but the CORE box would at least stand out. I can only imagine I left it at GW after Armies on Parade but can't contact them until Wednesday and I'd expect they would have tried to let me know if I had left stuff

Either way it put a downer on what was an otherwise fantastic day. Fingers crossed it'll turn up somewhere and we'll all make BW9 and 10
  • Blog Wars 9 - Saturday 6th June 2015
  • Blog Wars 10 - Saturday 7th November 2015
The CORE box was indeed left at GW after AoP the manager even let me know on the Facebook group but I think my Swiss cheese addled home DiY brain excised that info from my brain, maybe it was the Inquisition? I think I even said in reply it would give me reason to return for my silver medal. The Stealers on the other hand... I think they may be hiding under some new curtains or a loo brush ;)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Sorry for your missing box and stuff Dave. Hope it turns up.

    The nids vs liams eldar would be a tough judging call. I can imagine it would come down to nit picks between those two beautiful forces!

    1. Finegrs crossed. It's either buried under new furnishings still to be installed or at GW. I've no idea what i could have done with it in the mean time. I basically came home from AoP and dumped it and haven't touched it since. Although I do recall leaving the shop and being surprised how much easier it was to get all my stuff back in the bags compared to fitting it in when I left in the morning...

      Liam's Dark Eldar are amazing, the quality is consistent throughout, we discussed it afterwards. Mine is a spectacle no doubt but when you look close Liam's Dark Eldar are next level. Useless game-wise but stunningly beautiful. I think the nids are more on a par with his Nurgle Chaos Marines but the Drk Eldar are something else altogether and now he has a Void Raven...

    2. Consistency would be a big selling point. Either way, you are both fantastic artist, and it has to be such a treat just to hang out and chat!

      I can't wait to see what he does with the void raven...I'm excited about you getting a hold of some of these new nid kits eventually to see what you do with them. And now someone just rumored there is something "bane blade" sized on the horizon. I can't even.

    3. With the Tyrannocyte I'd see the Haruspex and Toxicrene as an option but financially I think I'd rather explore a T-fex. They're considerably cheaper, easier to store and the general consensus suggests more viable.

      Currently my only other nid items of interest are a 2nd Carnifex, Lictors, Gaunts and Stealers and really I only want the Lictors and Deathleaper so I can play the formations. I fancy other stuff but I just can't justify the next level price of Haruspex/Exocrine, Harpy/Crone and the Toxicrene [because I don't think I'll ever use a Maleceptor].

    4. Hi Hope the nids turn up Dave, gutting I didn't realise you had so much stuff missing :(
      P.s. Cheers for all the comments and praise and stuff, Oh and birthday mention "on his birthday" and for inviting/introducing me to Blog Wars it was a really good day, defo going again.
      No pressure on the Voidraven though.... thanks Greg :)

  2. I hope you find your stuff. My FLGS never ran out of the generic tactical objective cards, only the faction specific ones. Gratz to Liam! What a great birthday.

    1. It's driving me insane not knowing what I did with them, it can really only be in my house or GW, unless it went walkabout from AoP when I wasn't paying attention but I seriously doubt it.

  3. Yikes, I hope you find them. A pleasure meeting you (albeit briefly). I had alot of fun at blog wars this year. Prob my favourite so far

    1. Great to meet you too, I thought it was the best yet, so I'm looking forward to June, hopefully see you again.

  4. Thanks for inviting me mate Had a great time thé chips were especially nice :)hope u find ur genestealers Have u checked thé ruinéd buildings opposite ur house?
    Blogwars was great friendly people good games by thé way did i mention i son more games than u Liam and pete put together . Mind u u all dont play to win do u ? so That maybe why i think liams problem is hé picks his lists to beat me but forgets hé needs à rounded lost to compete at tournaments anyway it was nice for y ou pete and Liam to all play next to each other on thé bottom tables :)

  5. Sorry comment some on phone still getting uses to prédictive texting nightmare hope u van decipher what i meant

  6. Losing your babies is harsh, man. I can only hope that they are busy forming a cult somewhere out there and they will come home to Papa eventually.