Saturday 30 August 2014

The 2014/15 Hobby Season Alumni

When I invited folk to join in with my Hobby Season To do List I was heartened to see people get behind the spirit of it and so I only think it right and proper to point you in the direction of their own lists so we can see what they'll be doing this year. Good luck to everyone, I've high hopes for this year, even if my own goals have taken an immediate knock with my Armies on Parade board being affected by the home improvements taking place.

So, check these to Do Lists out:

Marc van Holst
Marc has created a proper list, it looks like its on papyrus, it's nearly the hobby equivalent of Ross from Friends' laminated list, it's very cool! There's lots of interesting things on there and is also looking to add both Tyranids and Dark Angels to his collection this Hobby Season. there's also some interesting Iron Snakes which I'll look forward to seeing progress, or not, there's no pressure ;)

Gregg Hess
Gregg is heading to the NOVA Open right now so is phoning his list in [what a trooper]. That also happens to be number one on the list which I endorse as quick wins are great for feeling like you're getting somewhere. Small victories are victories nontheless! I also like his eagerness to just compete in a painting competition. Here's his list, which will no doubt be enshrined on his blog when he returns from To Do item number 1 and he'll get a red stamp of approval too!

My list for 2014/2015

1. Attend a tabletop event. (Doing right this second)
2. Enter a painting competition even if I don't have a chance of winning (capital palette tommorrow!)
3. Paint my mega dread
4. Paint my gorkanaught
5. Paint my warboss biker
6. Paint the mek and painboy
7. Paint ten sternguard and a drop pod (black templars)
8. Paint and magnetize 10 vanguard vets which will double as assault marines or honor guard.
9. Paint a sicaran battle tank (templars)
10. Finish painting my half painted crusaders.
11. Paint and build another stormtalon.
12. Rehighlight my other Templar tanks!

Frank O'Donnell
Frank could have written a list that would a take a lifetime but wisely decided to edit it down to just 4 items, but that belies the items involved, 1300pts of Sisters of Battle and that should conveniently bring him round to Armies on Parade next year, if only he had a display for it - how about an Anphelion base - well that's on his list too! check out the other two items on his blog, they're both ambitious too.

The Mad Mek
A crazy load of Orks are on the Mad Meks To Do List so much so that he's wisely chunked 100 Slugga Boyz into 4 batches/to do items. Glad to see that people are making their list work for them not making it them work for it. And also with a Gorkanaught already nearly done that's on the list it's another quick win amongst the 16 outlined. I can confirm that this hangover from a previous season is more than valid, we do not dismiss successes just because the bulk of the work was done in the previous season. This time next year we will celebrate everything we have completed but also our work to date, missing targets it's not an issue. We celebrate the positive, to feel good about the hobby and maintain motivation and mojo. We do not look at it negatively because if it isn't fun then what's the point?

Andrew Dart
Once again I'm overjoyed at the variety and the little tweaks that have been made by Andrew to make the list his own. I especially like how he proposes to celebrate, I think that's definitely something I will suggest as an additional reward next year! Of course you can all still celebrate with a tipple of your own choice now, or even a non-alcoholic beverage should you feel inclined :)

I also really like the way he's been broader with his goals - finding more local players is a really nice one. I'm lucky in that I have a few guys I can game with that fits the available time I have to play but if I hadn't gone to my local game club in the first place I'd have missed out on meeting new people, entering a couple of tournaments and gaining one game buddy in PeteB who I game with on a regular basis. So I think that's a really cool goal and I can't wait to see the Red Stamps start appearing on Andrew's blog.

Benjamin Brun
Benjamin has another massive list [in French!] and I can see some common elements with the Mad Mek's own list so I'm not about suggest there may be a competitive element to be had from these to green skinned hobbyists but I'm sure these Orky generals are above that sort of thing. I also like the way he's added in the Space Wolves, Ultramarines and Black Legion as supplementary tasks to insert between the green tide to add variety and maintain momentum when he gets bored of all the Orky goodness... or is it badness? Fantastic To Do list.

Liam Ainscough
Liam arrives late to the party, which reminds me of the Throne of Skulls before last when we arrived to pick him up only to find him playing his game console, still better than Scott last time, he was still working and sat in his underpants! He's been on holiday though, so we'll let him off. He's got a massive list of 17 items but some of the indidual items could fill and entire To Do List. I do feel a little guilty as he's taken the Armies On Parade challenge I set him to heart but reports suggest AoP, though active, which I thought wouldn't happen, wilol be scaled down. No National Competition and there's no requirement to create a board, just that your army will fit on a 2'x2'. So eh's spent good money and time building something he didn't need to. Still it'll look good no doubt and I can't wait to see what he come up with, so go check his list.

Roemer has jumped on board, it's never too late, and has a mighty list of things to do. Even if it's wholly impractical making your list at least puts down on paper [even digital paper] just how big the scale of your addiction/hobby tasks is/are. There's an awful lot of Chaos things on the list so if the dark gods are your bark it'll be well worth keeping an eye on his progress. Additionally he's included elements to do on his blog, which I too have done in the past, it's all hobby, it's all good. Have a look, see what you think.

Thanks once again for joining in, hopefully it'll be great for you, I've got a lot out of it each year which is why I tried to make it appealing. You guys are pioneers, thanks for entering into the spirit of it. I remember when I first took part in Old Stuff Day, suggested by Rob at Warhammer 39,999, that's always been something to look forward to and I've been glad to take part ever since. I really hope that you'll have the same feeling a year from now. Like I say I'll probably review the season on the 26th of August with the new season 2015/16 starting on the 28th again. Good luck.


  1. Ha ha ha! No pressure? My wife bought me those miniatures as a Birthday present when we were in Greece. Believe me, she's ready for some progress ;-)

    Thanks for the link and good luck to everyone.

    1. Well if you have the support of your better half that's always a bonus. My grace period of understanding after I had to give up kendo is well and truly run dry. Now it's 'what more $hit have you bought?' ha, ha!

      Funnily enough 10 original Genestealers turned up in the post today, I didn't even order them, they've been sent to me by accident! I've found the ebay auction they're from and phoned and contacted the seller to let them know but have had no response yet.

  2. Thanks man! I'm fully motivated, already earned a 'Minor' badge! ;)

    1. Fantastic, you'll end up adding all sorts to your list now something has been complete, i know I am :)

  3. Thanks Dave & I'd just like to wish all those taking part all the best of fun & enjoyment over the coming year.

    1. It sounds like it it's Christmas/New Year/Thanksgiving it actually feels like a real 'event' now there are other people taking part. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Dave, and thank you again,

    I am very motivated to do a lot of things on this list, I think therefore begin by Orks, because I want to finish in the first month I would say by early January the scratchbuilts of my tanks and sculpture of my Big Boss with painting job of course.

    Certainly I would work slowly in order to be satisfied with my work :) and like my job IRL take me a long time, I would concentrate for hobby 4-5 hours per week for the moment. I think it will move quickly by following carefully the list. So Work In Progress ;)

    1. What ever you think is right. I've documented how sometimes I can't even face more than 30 minutes of painting at a time. It's all to do with mood and motivation so whatever gets you through - being strict with yourself or being relaxed.

      I'm really pleased people are adapting their lists and approaches to their list to suit them, it shows that this Hobby Season concept can grow and evolve beyond the humble beginnings we've all started here.

  5. Thanks dave!
    Finally got around to posting the list on my blog!

    Btw, it's Greg with one g at the end :). I assume the second is just for greatness!

    I have to change my list, as I learned so much from my classes, I'm going to probably be selling my entire army and starting from scratch....

    1. That's the second time I've added that extra 'g', I don't know why I do it, perhaps it's the 'greggles' bit of your URL. Sorry, I'm usually quite strict with myself to get peoples names right even to the point of paranoia when I know someone's name but that little voice in the back of my head tries to convince me I'm wrong and in the end I just find a workaround. So yes, the extra 'g' is 'greatness'! ;)

      I look forward to seeing how you get on with all the new techniques and if it suits you to change your list to reflect your new skills and aspirations then so be it.

  6. Added, good luck with your mammoth tasks!