Friday 8 August 2014

Dark Angels - Mo' plasma - Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad

With 'not a Pyrovore' and the beginnings or my Armies on Parade board one would assume I was neglecting the Fallen, but not so! Despite my historical problems with Dark Angel green I have progressed with these, although not actually tackling the green yet. Sadly I did not record the pre-verdigris metallics but I don't think I've cocked up like I did with the Librarian - less is more I think.

And you can see I 'has' Plasma! This is just the first stage, with some slight Object Source Lighting. I'm slightly concernd it may be construed as rust but the next set of highlights should alleviate this. Three choices for the cloack:
  1. Bonewhite
  2. Red
  3. Black [really don't think this one]
So if you could state preference, number 1 is easiest, number 2 ties in with my new Dark Vengeance Terminators.

Got to be careful of that back pack dagger, it's already been bent out of shape once.

Plasma Gun looks rusty at the muzzle so definitely more highlights needed.

Plasma leakage on the power cable means more highlights on the Cannon too.

Need to sort the gun out, it could be fine as it is, for an 'at rest' but I know that next step is necessary for an 'I'm about to plasma yo a$$' stance.

Back of the power pack has more Plasma leakage.

And the other six dudes that make up the squad, be amazed at the variety of poses. I've been critical of the standard marines in Dark Vengeance, the detail is excellent, the variety less so.

So I added some extra Dark Angel and marine bits for variety.

Some handy bayonets,

MOAR Bayonets

But as you can see there isn't much you can do, thankfully when I combat squad them they should look less... cloned?

Typically its at this point I doubt I should have added the super white highlights on the plasma. Don't get me wrong, they're effective and on the money but maybe a bit much, particularaly on the Sergeant.

Due to the camera enhancement filter on my phone it does make these considerably more glowy than they may be in real life. Those muzzle vents do look suitably white hot though.

Positively super hot here.

The Plasma Pistol does look cool, erm hot, but maybe I could have toned down the white on the coil.

From the other side.

And the Plasma Cannon, possibly works the best with the added higlights, less rusty because of it.

I love the back pack glow too.

And all three together from the top

So I need to do the eye lenses, and greens next, then just all the fiddly little bits like grenades, purity seals, ammo pouches, company insignia, Chapter badge and then fun with litany script. Lots still to do but I'm feeling positive as much of these elements can also be done on the five Devastators too, I just need to Verdigris them to be concurrentwith the Tactical squad.


  1. Interesting on the patina for the weapons. Never seen that before. The plasma highlights you've chosen go well with that look.

    I imagine getting the two greens to pop out from one another is challenging!

    1. It's funny I wasn't expecting the verdigris to pop out, in the flesh it actually helps unify the model. The green tint helps match it to the green armour, it's subtly different but not too much that it doesn't help tie it altogether. I was just lucky with the plasma, didn't want blue and felt a yellow looks more 'antiquated' which fit my aged look more.