Tuesday 26 August 2014

Dark Angels - Devastator Squad - TO DONE!

Well that was a surprise, to finish these ahead of the new hobby season, still I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Of course the reason this happened is because I can't really get on with anything else but it's a win nontheless.

Funnily enough I actually did all the green highlights on a per model basis. Although that means consistency is slightly compromised it doesn't mean I'm mixing loads of green which just dries out on the palette, I should probably look at a wet palette, it's not like they're difficult to make from what I've seen.

Anyway, the five man squad is done. I probably need a couple more marines to take wounds on but most of my lists can't fit them in so if they get some brothers it will be a long way down the line and will be made up from the remaining assorted old skool metal miniatures I have.

I still think the Missile Launchers are massive on the Rogue Trader era models but added to the slate bases they at least can stand tall[er] against the modern day 28mm plastic models.

Sadly they're not pointing their weapons up, which would at least justify they're anti-air capability but I didn't include the extra missile bits I ordered either so it doesn't matter really.

Such a nice little group, I look forward to fielding them although I dread how the paint job will cope with repeated game use. Thus far all my metal Tyranid models have been a complete pain, the Biovore, Zonathrope, Hive Tyrant and Brood Lords have all been prone to chipping.

 I'm hoping the old skool Lead [pb] will be slightly more forgiving than pewter but I tried to pick off a small spot of congealed paint on one shoulder pad and it stripped a pin head sized flake off with it, so I don't hold any hope out for them :(

All the targeting lenses and viewing screens were painted as per the the usual way your would do gems, gradient with a spot of light but I then add on a coating of Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 which gives it the glossy transparency. Then I add a further blob of  VerniDas gloss varnish which retains it's shape just a little more add adds a lense effect.

But they're an interim choice until I have a more varied force, and have come to terms with how I want to play Dark Angels so they may very well be retired before they get to 'game worn'.

If I'm honest i think this is my least favourite model out of the squad. It's really to do with his thighs, they're tiny and thin, not nearly enough to support his bulk and completely disproportionate to his shin guards. It also looks a little unbalanced, like he's about to fall backwards.

I really wanted to put the extra missiles I ordered on this guy to bulk out his weedy legs but the legs just weren't long enough to fit them on. I may look to get a loin cloth to cover up the huge gap but it may just look stupid.

The squad and company marking came out really well though so hopefully that can overshadow the poor model.

 This fella is a different beast altogether. I love his squat pose, and despite also having weedy thighs at least he looks braced to support the weight of his Missile Launcher.

He obviously won't be running with a Power Fist but it looks cool and it's not like I'm going to remove it. His shin markings worked out well but I'm starting to think it looks like these guys are very much supporters of legalising cannabis! Still, the Devastator badge symbol is actually really easy to do so I didn't even need to pencil in the badge beforehand by this stage.

I also like his oversized Dark Angel chapter badge. The wing sweep upwards a lot more than the symbol stipulates but I think it fits the shoulder pad better.

Obviously the freehand doesn't stand up to close scrutiny... do you see that! There on the left most stud on his power fist - CHIPPED! Already, I only knocked him over once!

The squad sacrifice with added Dark Angel upgrade bits.

He now has the Company number in his squad symbol and you can see how I tidied up the shading in the symbol.

That plastic honour badge is a pain. I super glued it, while painting the bronze bit split from its cyanoacrylate bond. I re-glued it and as I was painting it snapped again so I just did a big blob of PVA behind and now it feels solid [and slightly more tolerant of movement]. 

Some interesting extra freehand on this one on his shin.

Luckily there was just enough room for the squad marking on his shoulder pad.

Although he also has weedy legs again the slightly more braced pose means the model doesn't look quite as feeble.

Not to mention his Mk V beaky helmet looks awesome.

The last Launcher of the squad.

Which I went a little OTT on the litanies on his thighs. too much I think. makes it look like he's got lots of threads or bones, more like Legion of the Damned than Dark Angel!

Still the back isn't too bad.

You just have to ask is that L for the Lion, or Luther...?

And here's the squad with their tactical brethren. Add in my Deathwing and Brother Cask and it's my Dark Angels to date. I'll post some pics of them altogether at a later date.

So I was wrong and big blue tick for my Watcher in Dark was in fact the penultimate one of the season and this is my last. It also means I have to amend my 2014/15 To Do List yet again, luckily I never included the Land Speeder Typhoons in that list so they can take the now vacated spot of the Devs. Tune in on the 28th to see what I've got planned.

Once again, a reminder of how they used to look:


  1. Those missile launchers are gigantic! At least they look like they are outputting str 8 shots now :).

    Nicely done!

    1. Much better though than the pipe designs they have now and even the previous versions. Funnily enough I think Liam said he had some old RTB1 versions knocking around that I could have had, they would at least have been to scale.

  2. They look awesome mate, especially the shading on the Devastator symbols. It warms my heart to see such venerable figures getting some love.

    1. Thanks Marc, I was quite apprehensive to strip these old models and start again, they may not have been up to my current standards but they were done. I'm obviously still concerned how they will fair with repeated use but it's only right and proper they get their chance to take to the battlefield once again. Thankfully I have other old miniatures which will be more durable but uphold their 'Relic' status within my battleforce.