Wednesday 6 August 2014

'nids part 150 - TO DONE! - Not a Pyrovore

The not a Pyrovore Biovore proxy is complete and here he is alongside his true Biovore sibling. Can you believe they've tried to model the Biovore three times and still not got it right?! You'd have thought this would have turned up in plastic by now. In truth the Pyrovore looks a lot nicer but as we know the rules are rubbish and both are quite difficult to get hold of so we make do and mend.

Still surprised how quick and easy this was to paint.

It actually turned into a completely pleasant experience, although there was an element of guilt for not painting Dark Angels but once again repeat the mantra 'go with the flow'!

Now I'll have to find a way to fit them both back in my lists, I've been dropping the second one more and more recently. It's incredibly difficult to get a 1,500pt list together nowadays, I blame Blog Wars and it's generous 1,850pt allowance.

Still, another nid figure will only add to my Armies on Parade board. I'm waiting for some essential components for that before continuing but any extra bioforms will add to the entire spectacle [just so long as I can fit them in around Dark Angel and Parade board progress].

And a top down view in case you need it.

It's also interesting to see how something I painted at the very beginning of the Hive Fleet [although it has been slightly updated in the last 12 months] compares to my most recent effort - a lot darker for one thing.

I may be getting a 50mm base to mount the smaller Biovore on. I'll just glue the 40mm base to the 50mm and then blend the edges in with some Milliput so it looks like it's on a mound.

It is quite a relief though that despite being different models they are believable as the same unit, I guess that's one of the other benefits of nids - it doesn't matter what model you're using it conceivably be appropriate as another bioform of a similar size. Obviously these couldn't be Raveners but I'm sure you could convert a Ravener to bee a Biovore, starting points anyway for crazy kitbashes.

Currently this is the last nid I have in my painting schedule. I've dumped a load of Genestealers in some Dettol, I probably need to get some more as the Dettol has practically become a dilute acrylic sludge thanks to all the models that have been stripped. The Behemoth painted stealers have not been cleaned thoroughly enough so I may Fairy Power Spray them to finish it off.

However, I may do my remaining Ripper bases as my 'side order' of nids. It's not a lot to do and have little impact on my army lists but will look fun on my AoP board to have more than just my four bases. A bit more of a tide of little gribblies is amusing and gives them 'reason to be'. Granted their viability has improved in 7th but right now they have no reason to be in my 1,500pts, certainly not if I'm dropping a proven choice of a 2nd Biovore that would require roughly the same points for an unproven, over-costed, and 'on-paper' lesser unit than some of it's troop contemporaries

Big blue tick for being a naughty boy and painting yet more 'nids, now go do some Dark Angels!

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  1. Beautifully done! Love your scheme. Looks fantastic.