Sunday 10 August 2014

Dark Angels - Mo' missiles - Devastator squad missile launchers

I'm actually really enjoying getting on with some Dark Angel action. What's amazing is that I may well have 1,500pts done soon, after all my current units and the Aegis are complete. It won't be a competitive list by any stretch of the imagination [they're DA, do they do competitive lists?] but it will be a list nontheless.

My Devastator Missile launchers. These are the Forgeworld Legion ones, well actually two are the original ones from the Legion Special Weapons Pack, these are really poor casts, particularly around the targetting lens, the bottom right one is one of these. Alternatively is the Legion Missile Launchers these are a better cast with slightly different tagetting lens. I'd recommend these if you have a choice and need five [I mentioned to get the two I needed from a bits site]

I've Tin Bitz'ed all of these and then mixed some gold to make a brass colour. A couple of elements are silver but I've kept that to a minimum. Everything has been washed with Devlan Mud equivalent. Missiles will be orange, if I'm honest they look a bit rubbish but the very poor cast doesn't help so I'll just live with it.

Here's the Verdigris wash. Once again I have some legitimate fluff why such weapons have been left to tarnish, then again Dark Angels are fond of Plasma weaponry which routinely blows up so letting your guns get a little weather worn is no different. When I get chance I'll reveal they are patinated so, I need to create a photo-composite to set the scene first though.

Unlike the Librarian's armour this has worked really well though, it's no perfect by any stretch but it's effective and having stuck them onto the Devastators they look really good [if a little oversized on the Rogue Trader models].

Next up I'll be painting the DA green on the Devs. I'll either run through the Tactical squad, possibly painting 2 or 3 a night any more and I'lll go mad they're even more monotonous than a Termagant. Or, I may start the second set of highlights on the Devs so they can be ready for next level detail - company insignia, litany scripts and any other interesting item - studs on the shoulder guards etc.

Meanwhile Armies on Parade is in stasis at the moment. I need a large wire brush attachment for my Dremel-alike and some more coving adhesive and then I can go the next step...


  1. ". It won't be a competitive list by any stretch of the imagination [they're DA, do they do competitive lists?] but it will be a list nontheless."

    Honestly, making non competitive lists is the only way to "not" cry tears of pain and suffering over the internet the second your army is updated. Generally the net lists use spam, and the "best" units as decided by the internet, which are also the units which tends to be nerfed when the updates come around.

    By having a non competitive list, utilizing a variety of units from a codex, the overall strength of the list normally stays the same through updates. Less tears :).

    Having works with a lot of recasts lately, it's definitely a pain. Luckily paint and weathering hides a lot of the issues with the thin brittle resin. I actually like the verdigris on the weapons. I just imagine it was caused by some sort of plasma shock, or weird exhaust used by the missiles, etc. Looks good IMO!

    1. good points, I just want to have my Dark Angels done for the nostalgia, although I kind of wished I'd decided to go with one of the second founding Chapters. I think the fluff for the Consecrators would work better with some of my older models but the fluff I've come up with anyway for the Rogue Trader era models will also explain the verdigris ;)

      The missile launchers were all direct from Forgeworld [well two were defintely and the other two, the neater ones I suspect were also 100% official] so it just goes to show that the originals can be as dodgy as the recasters. The colour scheme certainly helps mitigate the poor cast. If I'd have painted them blocks of contraasting colours, like the Dark Angels in the codex have red on their guns it would have shown up how bad the quality was.

    2. That's a shame the actual models were that badly casted. Did you think about contacting them? They are supposedly pretty good with fixing issues like that.

      I know it's a bit late now, but thought I'd mention it.

      Agree on the excellent choice for the wear/colors to help hide the issues. Its hard to tell without you mentioning it!

    3. So I believe the customer service is quite good. I got the first two actually at Warhammer World on a visit, I should have made sure to check the packet that was handed to me so really I take most of the blame.

      I'm pretty certain the quality of the casting will be the last of my worries once these are complete as I'll cursing constantly at how the paint chips relentlessly off the metal. Though I am curious to find out if good old fashioned toxic Lead will be more forgiving than the white metal Pewter of more recent times. So far I've already seen it wear in places and that with an undercoat, basecoat and wash. Fingers crossed the highlights will cover it and the varnish protect but I won't hold my breath.

    4. Ug! Paint chips! I actually nearly came to tears working on an old inquisitor pewter model. I didn't wash it before hand (and had been handling it for years), and about 3/4 of the way through the paintjob (which I was getting quite proud of) huge sections of paint started shearing off.

      Came to find out it was the grease from my hand that has gotten on the model pre priming. Only way to fix is strip the model all the way down and start over.

      Not doing that anytime soon!

      So I 100% completely feel your pain.