Monday 7 July 2014

'nids part 148 - TO DONE! - Genestealers, more of them!

11 Stealers, not on my list but they were always going to be necessary should I go ahead with my Armies on Parade board. I need MOAR! figures should that happen and stealers fill that roll admirably as they're cheap and plentiful on ebay and they are visually more impressive than Termagants and take up more room.

Here's the potential extra Broodlord, although I think any of the ones that are standing on the defeated remains of my very own Deathwing could also pass as Broodlords. He may well be added to my 9 Ymgarls to fill out their brood to 10, just because he has the additional armour plates on his back.

Love my little ground burster nod to the old Ymgarls, he's still nearly as tall as a marine though!

They all look like they have pinstripe pants on thanks to my fibrous grain effect on their Bonewhite.

Although the Chitin plates look quite cool.

"What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?" - Yep!

The Brood advances.

The view from Servitor Satellite X-Delta-37i

Veiny temples.

Come at me!

Here are the remaining Genestealers to compare and contrast [although I foolishly left 7 in my figure case].

Twin Broodlords, "why?" These should be good in 7th, what with Dominion making them Synapse Creatures, even with only a 6" Synapse range. Look forward to trying these out.

Quite a difference with these old ones, no grain on the Bonewhite, the old liver [brown] colour on only the muzzle, hands and feet. At the very least I need to repaint all the Mechrite red edges with my Vallejo Heavy Red. It's not as opaque as the old Foundation paints but three coats will put a nice durable finish on these. 

Whether I go the whole hog and re-tint all the liver bits red is something else. Probably not, too much else to do and these are effectively done.

They add some variety to the mix, old skool, nu-skool, Chitin armoured, Scytals. A nice blend of Stealer variants to help identify broods.

The next thing to do is add some with Adrenals and Toxin sacs for more variety and maybe do Turquoise on the front of the chests so they look like the Broodlords with their body warmers.

The old Ymgarls didn't even have the grain effect on their limbs, they did have highlights on their fleshy red bits, something I chose not to do on my new ones.

The relentless horde.

Old and new, together as one.

Another picture of Genestealers...

Servitor Satellite X-Delta-37i picks up another shot of the advancing horde.

Big blue tick for being a good boy, now go do some Dark Angels!


  1. Looking great Dave. As always, your nid scheme is fantastic.

    I'm terrified of broodlords in 7th (I play orks). They will WRECK mek guns.

    1. When Tyranid Primes got a 50% price hike and Broodlords stayed the same but are essentially the same stats it seemed bizarre that folk were still claiming they're too expensive. The loss of Biomancy did hit these hard but with the way 7th handles Psychic powers and he now can have a 6" Synapse Range gving fearless that is quite cool.

      I haven't played him yeat but I am keen to put some stealers on the field and to that end I won an auction for another 12 for about £3. If I can get the 8 Hormagaunts I also won combined postage I may well be able to bring the bundle under a tenner! Otherwise it's £12 for the lot, still when the snap fit termagants are £6 for five, 20 miniatures for what would get me 10 is good value.

    2. Do broodlords count towards the psyker pool?

      I forgot about them getting the short synapse range! (I'm mainly worried about their terrify ability...ld checks @ 3 for grots? Oh oh!!!)

    3. They surely do. I can see how Terrify can be goo, especially as it stacks with Shadows in the Warp on a Psykers Leadership, not that they're needing it for powers and that but it'd be a -5 Ld Pinning check for the Horror on a Psyker unit!

      Unless they're fearless of course which is what I see a lot of so his effectiveness isn't that great ;)

  2. Looks awesome :)

    I don't know when will you use so much genestealers but when you do, they'll rock! ;)

    1. Neither will I as hey're universally regarded as rubbish nowadays. Sure they can scythe through a lot of things in combat but it's getting them into combat in the first place that's the problem. March Throne of Skulls was won by someone using mainly Genestealers and the Deathleaper Assassin brood, but that is based on how much better you did than those who took the same Codex so if we were universally rubbish and they were the exception then that makes all the difference. Still a surprising result, for nids and for that type of army.

  3. I love these. The genestealer carapace is so different to the rest of Tyranids than it can end up looking odd. GW painted models don't even bother colouring it as a carapace but you've pulled it off seamlessly. So much detail for a 14pt gribbly, I salute you. At first, I thought they were a different colour scheme to the rest of your army. Maybe its the dynamic poses which highlight the heads and hands. I wish I could summon the energy to finish my stealers. I'm soooo disappointed with them in 6th/7th

    1. Thanks, I did like the simplicity of the early ones I painted, they were finished super quick. Obviously the painting style has evolved over time, the Bonewhite is much lighter, the red flesh bits more red, although sometimes they've been highlighted and of course the Carapace is either painted or not. This does indeed fit the fluff of Gorgon trying to mutate it's bioforms to find the best creature.

      Love the new ones I got on t'ebay always interesting to see how other people make up there's - 2 sets of rending claws! I finally got some tentacle mouthed ones too! I need to get rid of mould lines then consider whether to strip or just straight undercoat and paint over but I really need to NOT tackle them at all. Although they will act as additional 'filler' models to my AoP board time must be spent on the Dark Angels and the board first.

      Are you doing an AoP board, seems like you could have a good showing. I think people need to realise if you have a painted army then you're already there. a 2'x2' mdf board is sufficient. I just got an 8mm piece for £2.35. Add in your nid fortifications [although they'll probably dislike the defence lin ;) ] and you'd have something very impressive! Give it a go...

    2. I was hoping to get a full 6x4 table finished and used in a tournament next month. I use a 2x2 mdf for my display board though and it would be no extra effort to enter AoP with the same terrain. However, I thought they had stopped doing it? Didn't you blog about it previously?

    3. I did indeed think it had been binned off this year. All evidence pointed to it bot taking place and with time running out I gave up on it. Turns out I was wrong, they announced it in White Dwarf, with the official start date some time in August [although you can begin now] and Parade Day is October 25th. Of course that may mean Games Day, where the National AoP is judged would be November. That's if it follows last years organisation.

      If you've got a board do it, I'm trying to get all my gaming mates to give it a go, especially if they can manage it without any further purchases. I think for GW they want it to be a revenue stream - people buying new figures to build a display, which is understandable. For me I see it as a showcase of what you've done all year, a 'parade' of your painting and hobby efforts so I hope my mates will give it a go, they've already put the effort in afterall.