Saturday 5 July 2014

'nids part 147 - Genestealers, more of them!

Micro-blog, not much today as I try to keep my blogging activity under control, i.e. keep you up-to-date/keep painting/keep blogging. So this is my eleven Stealers that will help bolster the 12 original Space Hulk Stealers, 12 Macragge and 9 Ymgarls [and 2 Broodlords]. 44 in total, not quite enough to fill out the entire Leviathan data-slates but getting there.

I also have the new Space Hulk model on the left with the Warrior Scything Talons. It's not the Broodlord model but given how big he is I don't see why he couldn't pass as one. I'm going to keep an eye out for any other cheap ebay 'steals' hopefully add to the broods.

On the plus side these are now complete so I'll treat you to their 'To Done' shots next time [although I have since added a little bit of flock to the bases] and some with almost all of the rest of the horde, I think I missed off seven of their number :(

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