Sunday 27 July 2014

Dark Angels - Watcher in the Dark

A lot of my hesitancy about painting some of the more fun characters is my problem with cloaks. So far anything cloth has come out a bit pants, which would be good if I was painting pants I suppose but in this case I'm not and it sucks. I really wanted to do dark cloaks but given my lack of success I decided to just go with the prescribed GW colours of Bonewhite because I know I can get that look down.
So I painted this little guys cloak in one sitting, and his little red sash.

I'm really glad I added some liquid Green Stuff to the edge of that cloak, so it looks like it's draping over the side of the boulder he's standing on.

Shadows may be a little OTT but I'm quite chuffed.

Wings on the Lion Helm are going to be red, tie it in a little with the base, need to do the eyes and the Dark Angels green on the helm and his boot. 

I'm amazed I spent an entire evening on a model is worth practically zero points in my army, but it was fun to do and you go with the flow, right? Then again he could be the Watcher holding the Perfidious Relic, what's that 20, 30pts? Not a total waste of time ;) 

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