Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Flufftastic - Hive Fleet Gorgon - Ferron Splinter Fleet - Termagants

One of the most common Tyranid Bio-forms to have infested Ferron Proxima is the Termagant 'Gauntii Virago' Although seemingly without number these beasts, up until now, appeared to have had a maximum population level. This evolutionary ceiling has been attributed to the limited numbers of 'brood mothers' that spawn the gaunts. Additionally, the Hive Mind is actively utilising it's available bio-matter and unbelievably it's alien intelligence is ensuring it does not commit it's resources to what is essentially a very limited beast.

That's not to say Termagants are not a threat to the population, bio-magi data suggests that there may be many more gaunts secreted in the catacombs and underground spawning chambers that the Hive Fleet has started to fortify. There were rumours that the Tervigons might have evolved new reproduction methods that would increase their ability to spawn in larger numbers. There is no evidence of this happening in the wild yet but the Dark Angel and Planetary Defence Forces that are currently containing their incursion have started to bolster their defences in readiness of any increase in their numbers. This hypothesis has since been disproved and those bio-magi that posited such a theory and 'spread their heretical works' to the Ferron public have thankfully been lobotomised and put to serve the Emperor as Servitor drones within the mining fields of Utarr Equinox Gamma.

Most these gaunts are born fully formed with their own symbiotic weaponry. Initially within the early stages of their infestation of Ferron Proxima - despite the shock of birth they are spat like projectiles from the Tervigon's womb, immediately moving on, shooting their obscene bio-weaponry and even attacking innocent citizens of the Emperor. The abomination has even been witnessed whereby they have literally been shot out of their brood mother onto battlements and defended buildings. The staunch faith of these brave soldiers kept them alive to tell of the horrors witnessed. Having passed on this vital knowledge the Inquisition gratefully bestowed the 'Emperor's Peace' on them with summary executions so they could not spread the foul knowledge to the citizens of Ferron Proxima, their names subsequently added onto the 'Ferron Roll of Heroes' for services to the Emperor.

However, more recent observations have shown the vitality of a newly spawned Termagants has been greatly reduced. The creatures are spawned ahead of it's progenitor and have been programmed only to to stand and fire their organic weaponry or advance in numbers to press home and attack, thus drawing attention away from their brood mother by being the more immediate effect. This new directive by the alien mind shows they are adapting, and thinking in patterns even the most senior Bio-Magi cannot yet comprehend. Their future in solving the alien menace depends on them getting to the bottom of this behaviour.

Another point of note is that these Termagants are highly mutable, often having enhanced strength or poisonous sacs that will lay low any human. Some of these bio-morphs can be traced back to their progenitor but equally some seem to be vestigial growths whose only purpose can be surmised as to keep track of it's various offspring. Again, such observations could be seen as heretical, even the concept that there is an intelligence behind the Xenos filth's actions is tantamount to balsphemy. However, some members of the Ordo-Xenos have sufficient powers to grant the Bio-Magi currently observign the nature of this alien scum the licence to postulate such radical theories.

Termagants are considered one of the lower life-forms that make up the Tyranid menace but they must not be underestimated. The people of Ferron Proxima will face more of these creatures in the future and it is up to the staunch defenders of Ferron Proxima to stamp out their taint on the red planet.