Monday 14 April 2014

Warhammer World Photobomb pt2.

I do get a bit 'snap-happy' at these gigs but there's a lot to see and I have to make sure I'm feeding your hobby addiction as well as my own. Firstly some Warhammer World Terrain pieces, I think these would have been better served on the actual tables, PeteB pointed out the lack of terrain in some of those games.

Tyranid Carnivorous plants, made from Trygon Prime crests and green stuff.

I saw these on the old WW Facebook page prior to painting, glad to see them finally finished.

Chaos Shrine. that's a big piece of skin.

Another shrine

This one defying gravity.

A cool Skaven mutant and the Throne of Skulls Winner's Trophy, which could have been Liam's!

Saturday tea, steak anyone? Uruk Hai!

Some actual pieces of Terrain follow, just to get texture that I may put on future Terrain pieces.

Additionally you can use them as backdrops for your own action shot photomontages

A massive selection of pics of the GW Imperial Knights, feast your eyes.

Armies on Parade winner 2013

2nd or 3rd place

2nd or 3rd place

Eddie Eccles' won the Armies on Parade for GW staff. Personally I think the individual display would have been better served for the public winner, so you could get behind but I understand why it's together with the silver and bronze winners.

Some interesting Dark Angel Ravenwing.

Lastly a Contemptor, I think I want one of these, eventually. Must finish my current Dark Angels first though.


  1. The necron laser is brutal!
    Love it! hahahaha

    1. The actual AoP board is titled 'No Cold Callers' it's on a brass plaque just out of shot. Nice sense of humour on this piece.