Tuesday 8 April 2014

Throne of Skulls March '14 - Best Army Nominees

The best army Nominees and first up Lemon painting's Imperial Knight army complete with LED eyes. 

Absolutely awesome, go check out their Facebook page for more of their commission work

Next up Proiteus and his Rebel Gretchin run as Imperial Guard.

These guys are full of character.

With plenty of scratchbuilds

And kitbashes

Love this watch tower on the Aegis.

The whole army.

An uber clean Iyanden army

There was debat amongst my mates as the the effectiveness of the green glow on the windows but personally I liked it.

Iron Warriors, to which my Genestealer head will be added and I will be adding one of their heads. Check out the rest of the army.

This Nurgle army also got nominated, love compartmentalised movement tray - gotta have a system!

Some crazy mutations going on and old skool Rhinos.

Otty's nids.

Nick from the events actually thought these were White Dwarf Editor Jes Bickham's when Otty entered one of the Tyrannofex in the Monstrous Creature competition.

Liam's award winning Chaos Marines.

The Scratchbuilt Shadow Sword that he didn't get to use or even enter in the painting competition

And my Nids, I had to take the towers off to make it fit, have to say I was both cursing and giggling first thing on Sunday morning testing to see if I could fit it in. Such a relief that it just made it.

It's like it's a little Armies on Parade board.

I suppose it does look kind of impressive.

That's your lot folks, winners next.


  1. Very cool.. thanks for posting those pictures. That is some serious top notch work! You deserved the win man.. your army really stood out.. I was thinking the same thing, it really does look like an Army on Parade..

    1. The quality is always very good, it amazes me how some armies don't get picked either. So much good talent and sometimes it doesn't get through?

  2. Great looking forces. Your tyranid army really stands out. Lots of great work has gone into it.

    1. Thanks Cameron, the blog has helped to push my efforts forward. If I wasn't painting the army I wouldn't have anything to show you all so it really helps to have all your support and comments, so it all becomes self-sustaining.