Wednesday 30 April 2014

Strike from the shadows

My new distraction! Oh well, it's for a reason at least. I'm hoping to go to Blog Wars 7 and you have to take a Special Character. Last time I took the Doom, obviously, and this time I can't, obviously. So I could take the Swarmlord, in fact I SHOULD take the Swarmlord, considering I have all the bits magnetized and painted [although my metal Tyrant needs some remedial work]. However, I just got this Lictor and so I could take Deathleaper and a Dakkafex instead, which sounds like more fun if more work in the wrong direction. Alternatively I could even use the Carnifex as Old One Eye, seeing as I have magnetized Scytals and Crushing Claws...

But I am actually painting, I did some of my metallics and my Heavy Support unit has their bases done. I've even started the bases on the 10 Dark Vengeance Tactical marines not to mention the Venomthrope is ready for the first set of Chitin highlights! At least the Genestealers have hardly been touched. 

BUT, I have zero motivation to photograph them even if I know I'll regret it and it's going to hit the blog as you can already tell what with no blog post for a few days. So I'll try and find a way to fit it in but please don't fret if it goes quiet for a bit, no need to check if my milk is still on the front step, I'm not being eaten by the cat.

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  1. The nice thing about taking deathleaper is that D3 minus to the other characters leadership. If that character happens to be a psyker, it can really throw a wrench in their works.

    There are a lot of combo's in the nid codex that many don't use. Death leaper + shadow in the warp + horror (for example). Shadow also effects the psyker's base LD, not just for psychic tests! Combine all this with the nids access to pinning weapons, and you can really mess up an armies day.