Wednesday 9 April 2014

Throne of Skulls March 2014 - Winners

Can't help but show this beauty off again but given it's mainly about me [although it probably features more of Liam!] I'll add this post as an extra.

Yep that's me, my trophy, my nomination certificate and 'Pablo' the beard, I look knackered! That's 6 months of midnight bed times and painting/making Tyranid bio-forms.

My Thrones name badge.

Outside of the trophy box

The Trophy in front of my bread bin?!

Nomination Certificate

The end of the tournament message.

Best army list award goes to...

Liam with his updated Chaos Space Marine Helmet.

Nick giving Liam his prize.

The obligatory winner photos for the now missing Facebook page :(

Hero of Legend goes to Richard Matthews.

Liam gets Beast of Legend.

Liam gets his second award...

...and halfway to getting his photo taken again has to go back and claim his third!

For his Hellfly, Helldrake.

And gets to pull the obligatory 'smug bugger' face ;)

And then wins best Chaos Space Marine Player!

And gets to do it all again!

Here are all the best army nominees

Not sure how I ended up in the middle, Otty's there at the front.

I cough, [Scott took these pictures]

We look over at Nick as he whips the crowd into a frenzy of anticipation.

I'm just happy to be nominated, honest.

"And the winner is..."

"Dave's Tyranids" Who's Dave Tyranids? Oh, my Tyranids!

I'm left by the others, just a little stunned.

Nick gets the Trophy.

And I really can't believe it.

I didn't quite realise this was the prize.

And that's my 'smug bugger' face.

What can I say, I hoped to win but I strongly believed that you can't call these things. There are 100+ competitors who are all looking for something different. Some want absolute perfection some want whistles and bells. There's no guarantee so I'm truly grateful for all those that voted for me. I would have said this on the Warhammer World Facebook group but as it's gone I'll have to do it here. Thanks every one, you've made all the hard work worth while


  1. You worked hard enough for it Dave you might as well milk it a bit lol & once again well done.

    1. Thanks Frank, someone giving me permission to milk it makes me feel less like a show off. Although I have a blog about what I do, so technically this is all showing off! Ha, ha!