Saturday 12 April 2014

Warhammer World Photobomb pt1.

Here's my obligatory selection of cool things from Throne of Skulls. First up this Warhound Titan with glowing eyes.

He came with some Maulerfiends

three of them in fact.

and some 'X-fighter' style Chaos Marine Bikers

It was well executed but I don't think it got nominated for best army which just goes to show, you can't guarantee anything.

Even when you got to town making all these stunt poses to 'amuse your opponent', so it was claimed.

Although I think I'd have been more terrified than amused opposite the Maulerfiends and a Warhound, despite how mych fun the bikers were ;)

Not sure how the defence network came into the mix but a really cool idea.

Liam's Nurgle Daemon Prince next to a Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, which it beat for best Monstrous Creature. I'd have been been quite despondent next to such an enormous beast but it just goes to show that size isn't everything.

Otty's Tyrannofex alongside The Great Maw.

A Harridan also on display.

Individual model entries. Of note in the left pic is Ben's Ghazgkhull Trakka top right, Otty's green Genestealer [converted from one of the Space Hulk models, with Tyranid Warrior Scy Tals] and my Hormo/Termagant middle left on the righthand picture

More entries.

Liam's Typhus conversion and a Tyranid Warrior with a big a$$ gun

More of Proiteus's Gretchin 'Imperial' Guard with a Las Cannon mounted on an old epic Land Raider no less.


Mechanised vehicles and walkers, mmm, pink Rhino!

More mech.

Ork vehicle and Nurgle Rhino.

Wraithknight and Space Wolf Imperial Knight

Closer look at the Space Wolf Imperial Knight, really cool.

Conteptor Dreadnought next to my Reaver Titan which lookd tiny in comparrison to some of these other walkers.

More Contemptors.

Liam's Hellfly and other entries.

Liam's Hellfly and other entries.

Liam's Hellfly and other entries.

Ben's Stompa, the non-metallic brass on the guns is really good close up

Warhounds both loyalist and heretical.

Iron Warriors, my Genestealer head will grace the base of one of these eventually.

A lot of work has gone into these when you consider that a silver colour scheme can be quite straightforwad.

Old Skool Rhino roolz!

Loved this army, the burgundy colours matching throughout.

The bikes too are really cool

Nigel Bartlett was next to me for one of my games but I snapped this pic of his Eldar Corsair's on the Saturday. Metallic colours throughout, I love seeing this, you rarely see metallics outside of silvers and golds and these were executed beautifully.

Typhoon! I would love this, I've no idea how good Tyrpoons are, I've only got the one, want at least two but this looks awesome.

And the rest of the Blood Angels to go with them.

This Daemon arny was immense. I've no idea why this didn't get nominated but uit was fantastic and the lava themed bases throughout - awesome.

Horrors, nurglings and flamers.

Seriously how cool is this?! They look great, how did this not get nominated? I can only think it was commission painted because it's a travesty not to have been included.

More still to come in part 2.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and you guys are so lucky to be able to attend these events! Keep those photos coming!

    1. Thanks Raymond, 75% of my hits come from outside of the UK so although I feel this is 'filler' sometimes actually it's probably something most of the readers will not get an opportunity to see so it's worthwhile. Glad you liked it and thanks for letting me know.