Wednesday 12 February 2014

Tyranid Shield Generator

Thought this looked cool on Youtube and worth sharing.


  1. Cool!
    I should try to do Tyranid terrain but it just seems to much for me... xD

    1. Looking at your blog I think you can do it easy, even just the use of the pine cones makes a vey alien piece of terrain. Your sea shells too look very strange.

      Not to mention there are
      many simple ways to make them more gribblie - hot melt glue guns and expanding foam make organic shapes if you can cope with the lack of control and crazy end results.

    2. Thanks :)
      I should really start with easy things (in fact, i've just started an attempt of the Tyranid Quad Gun) and then going for more difficult stuff.
      Anyway, your blog is really an inspiration for a Tyranid player like me, so thanks for all your entries!

    3. No worries, don't forget the free counters that are available that'll help with keeping track of the nids. Check out this guys work too:

      His Capillary Towers are really easy to make and may not be fancy but probably a damn site quicker and considerably more disturbing than my efforts.