Tuesday 4 February 2014

'nids part 126 - PROJECT Y Scratchbuilt Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad pt8.

Whilst I was taking some pictures of the Skyshield I thought I might as well let the new owners have a bounce on the trampoline.* Here we have 30 Termagants, a Quad Gun [which may reside here thanks to a nearby Aegis] and their Tervigon Brood mother. Plenty more room for more gaunts, just ripe for an apocalyptic barrage ;)

One thing to note is without walls I can overhang some of the bases should I wish to be shady, although I suppose a normal Skyshield can also hold more, when it unfurls it's walls.

PeteB had an interesting matchup against someone running a Skyshield with his nids. He also had a Venomthrope in there and was taking a 2+ cover save. I was adamant this wasn't possible as the Skyshield offers a 4+ invulnerable and that wouldn't stack with the Venomthopes Shrouded rule.

However, in the discussion I kind of realised that with the shields up you probably are entitled to a cover save. Now you'd probably have it as 4+, because it's pretty much like an Aegis but technically Fortifications offer a 3+ cover save [BRB pg18] so you could claim a 1+ [although it would essentially be a 2+ given you always fail on a 1] cover save. So, having been convinced he'd been swindled I kind of reversed my way of thinking, what do others think?


Another interesting note is that Stronghold Assault suggests that when buying Fortifications as Network the rules for deploying the components that must be in touch with each other is expanded to inlcude other parts of the Network. therefore I could position half my Aegis Defence line on one side of the Skyshield, touching one of the Capillary Towers and then continue the line the other side of the landing pad. Why you would choose to do such a thing - leaving a big gap to access underneath the pad is deebatable but it's an interesting option for deployment depending on the terrain already on the board.

Other interesting aspects of the Skyshield is that unlike a Bastion there is no Armour Value for this structure so you cannot target, or destroy it. Additionally anything underneath the pad cannot be targeted by Barrage weapons. The weapon will hit the upper surface alone, therefore should you face someone with an Apocalyptic Barrage weapon there is a safe place to hide. Seriously, we're reduced to skulking again!?

There are a lot of other unique and interesting things to learn about with Skyshields and I think Apocalyptic Productions really has the most comprehensive overview of their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously there are extra bits to consider given the Stronghold Assault addends but I thoroughly recommend checking it out.


As a Tyranid player who believes in Fortifications I'm convinced the Skyshield is going to be something worth considering in our arsenal. A lot of Tyranid lists are beginning to feature Bastions, something that was very much dismissed prior to the new Codex. I'm not saying their emergence is a mistake, there is LoS blocking potential that a Skyshield cannot provide. But, they are more vulnerable, when destroyed your opponent can gain a VP. They can now be targeted without being occupied - when you purchase them they're classed as claimed so can be targeted, although you do get Automated Fire without requiring it to be occupied. Additionally gun emplacements on the battlements become Emplaced Weapons, therefore also get auto fire and there are more options to upgrade - increase BS to 3, add Void Shield Generators and the escape hatch for last minute dashes for objectives...

A Skyshield is not subject to a number of these negatives and although it doesn not have access to the upgrade that Invulnerable Save is highly valuable in a game that is introducing as many Ignores Cover weapons as it can think of.

With Throne of Skulls under 2 months away I'm really excited I'll get the opportunity to field as much of my scratchbuilt Tyranid Fortifications as I can. Currently I'll be spending around 250pts but I may try and fit more in to have the escape hatch and perhaps a VSG on the Bastion.


Ultimately these are all about keeping my soft and squishies alive long enough to reach turn 5 at least.

So, there we have it. I'll try and get the walls done but we'll have to see how the other bits [more Termagants :( ] go first.

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Trampoline* Back when I was uber obsessed with Google maps I noticed so many trampolines in folks back gardens. Occasionally I'd get the compulsion just to start plotting them on a map. I know, it's weird but once you start it becomes quite addictive, when do you stop. Anyway, feel free to try it out and add some trampolines, the map is open to anyone to amend. Team GB actually has some successful trampolinists but from this evidence we should rule the world!


  1. Wow that looks great!

    I think in Stronghold it might change how the top interacts. I know it says it is open ground - so it might not give cover itself.

    Now the struts for sure give you a 3+ cover save due to the nature of fortifications. And you get the 4++ on top etc. I don't have it with me to read it directly. It might just say the top is also like a battlement which just gives you the 4+ cover - which will become a 2+ with the venomthrope farting it up underneath.

    Man I wish the Venomthropes or Zoanathropes were just IC's you can buy in blobs of 3. Change up the army completely.

  2. Nice work man, that looks great! Love seeing alien terrain 8)

  3. You are a bad man. I just spent some of my life adding trampolines to the map ;-)

  4. Now I could be wrong. But.... can you not buy walls for something like 5 points each for this fortification going by the new stronghold rules. which means you could have cover save while it is unfurled and also cover for underneath. Just putting my 2 cents in.

    Looks AWESOME BTW.

  5. Its a beauty! Skyshield rules are, as usual, annoying. You could just forego the 4+ inv, take a natural cover save and have the Venomthrope increase it to 3++ imho.