Tuesday 11 February 2014

Flufftastic - Hive Fleet Gorgon - Ferron Splinter Fleet - Ymgarl Genestealers

Hive Fleet Gorgon - Ferron Splinter Fleet continues to target Ferron Proxima. Latest reports have revealed that unknown to the populace hundreds or even thousands of Genestealers have been laying dormant in the desert regions of the planet.

As more and more incursions from the splinter fleet happen more of these creatures are awakened from their slumber and burst forth from vegetation, caverns or even the very ground itself.

As each new nest is disturbed a writhing mass of tentacles, chitinous armour plates or sharp talons erupt from the surrounding terrain hungry and inflamed with an alien need to kill. The populace has been warned to not leave urban centres, in the belief that whatever construction work that's taken place in those areas would already have disturbed these creatures whereas the wide open spaces have lain unmolested for millenia, until now!

Kill squads from the planetary defence force, backed up by Adeptus Astartes and members of the Inquisition, including Magos Biologis Alder Garrick have set out to exterminate these life forms before they can connect with the splinter fleet. Who knows what information their alien biometric knowledge of Ferron Proxima will do to help the alien menace adapt and mutate in it's insatiable desire for Ferron Proxima.

The latest reports back from these termination squads indicate that their missions have been a great success. It's still early days but Magos Biologis Garrick believes that all forms of the Genestealer infestation that showed unstable mutable properties have been eradicated from Ferron Proxima. The kill teams are still meeting alien resistance and other Tyranid bioforms but none of the Genestealers are showing elements known as the 'Ymgarl Factor'. This news has been cautiously but positively received by the Inquisition as this particular strain of Xenos can resurface at any time and any location. Meanwhile there has been spontaneous celebration and litanies of thanks left to the Emperor in the Cathedrals and faith cubicles across Ferron Proxima - praise his beneficence!


  1. excellent conversions, did you use green stuff or any hobbying tools or maybe just alternate bitz from another set of models? Those tentacles are pretty sweet, thanks for the inspiring pictures!

    1. It was milliput for the tentacles and I made them with my impromptu tentacle maker: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/impromptu-tentacle-maker.html

      The Stealer conversions were shown here: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/nids-part-65-ymgarl-genestealers.html

      All the bitz were from the Genestealer kit except for a Hormagaunt Scything Talon on the crazy mutation model. I used these the other day and was reminded on just how much fun I had with them and how they turned out, glad you like them too.

  2. I like that you wrote them away as exterminated and left a reference to the horrible "Ymgarl Factor" biomorph. Nice touch.

    1. It's the added bonus that I am getting to add extra fluff to the fluff I'd already written. Just think of the fun I'm goign to have with the Doom of Malantai and my Spore Pods! You wouldn't believe what I have planned for the fluff of Hive Fleet Gorgon since the new Codex hit, it's comical enough to make one cry, the fluff that is not the Codex, the Codex just makes me cry without the comedy ;) Joking.