Saturday 22 February 2014

'nids part 129 - 'The Great Maw' £24 Tervigon pt 2

The 'Great Maw' continues apace, well the head at least. I'm still stuck in limbo for the rest of the body. I decided on the Mawloc pincer tail, I may live to regret it but we'll see how seamlessly I can join the pincer onto the tail. 

The Tervigon's head was painted mostly during periods of frustration/weariness with the extra Termagants. I need to add some extra turquoise highlights, do the mouth highlights and some extra bonewhite bits. I'm unsure about adding some spots on the axe-head blade, it seems more menacing without but it could do with just a little something to break up the expanse. If I add some dots I'll be quite frugal with them. 

This side of the jaw is slightly more obvious where the Mawloc mandibles join. I'm sure some green stuff in some form could have smoothed the transition, hopefully I can disguise it a bit with some paint, although at the moment it's the paint that's revealing it's addition.

I'm not sure what to do down his gullet, I want it to be dark but that doesn't really reflect the Toxic spit that's going to come out of it. I also need to disguise the joins on some of the plastic too. I may add the mottled poisonous effect I accidentally achieved on my other Tervigon's tongue, fingers crossed I can achieve it again.

The race continues apace, can I complete this Tervigon and my Skyshield by March 21st? And I have to fit it in with all the other things I have to do, you know real life stuff! We'll have to see.


  1. For the moth I think goo in the folds on the lower jaw would look good. The new nurgles rot technical paint has done very well for me in the reguard to adding acid pools from slobbering maws. I would reccomend testing it out first it has the consistancy of an egg partially scrambled in my exp.