Monday 6 January 2014

To Done - Adeptus Titanicus Epic Reaver Titan

Officially this fella isn't on my 2013/14 'To Do List' but it's been an extra thing to do to keep my mojo up by not OD'ing on just 'nids and other stuff. In truth I wimped out as I should have put some chevrons on it. I think some nice black and white ones on the carapace would have made it that bit better but I think then it would have strayed into an existing Titan Legion.

As it stands it seems a bit 'Word Bearer-ish' I know they're not a Titan Legion but I'm pleased I was able to make a new red scheme that wasn't as bright as the ones on my Chaos Cultists and I think I learned from some of my mistakes on the OSL glows. Tristan M's advice about less is more worked out a bit better, especially on the eyes.

And the white hot green glowing plasma reactor is also quite neat. The litany on the Titan breaks up the flat colours and I'm really surprised how effective that can be. I've always wanted to do battle damage but haven't been brave enough to do it. Pseudo etchings and paint work seems to be something similar but also I have a lot more control over so it may well become my 'cheat' instead.

With this colour scheme I may well try and add some darker red guys into the genestealer-cultists just to add a bit more variety.

Whilst doing all this I had a seed of fluff begin to grow in my head. This will be Ferron Proxima's own Titan Legion. They will not be a Traitor Legion but in fact during the Horus Heresy did go rogue. This will be due to some devious behaviour on behalf of the Alpha Legion that fed them lies about what was going on. This will explain any Epic battles that PeteB and I have with him using it against my War Griffons.

Once the Heresy was resolved much like the Dark Angels seeking to absolve their failings the Ferron Legion will go about trying to redeem themselves, under the watchful eye of the Inquisition. I'll write some more decent fluff  when I get the chance.

Here's my big blue tick anyway, for getting it done.

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  1. nice job mate , I am currently working on titan legions and space marines and playing adeptus titanicus/space marine (1989), wish there was more love for this system and minis. keep it coming please