Monday 20 January 2014

A freebie - Ymgarl Factor markers

I've amended the Ymgarl Genestealer Markers to represent the new Ymgarl Factor mutations. There's not a great deal to say about it but should you feel inclined to spend 40pts on something that'll buff a model on alternate turns then they may come in handy, knock yourself out! Oh and did I mention these were FREE, that's right FREE!

Just a reminder of my Patented method of constructing your own markers:
  1. Print
  2. Apply double sided tape to back
  3. Stick to mounting card
  4. Carefully apply sellotape to top if you want them pseudo-laminated
  5. Cut out with craft knife/scalpel
  6. Amaze your friends and enemies with these awesome Tyranid Psychic Markers
  7. Tell them to visit for their own free markers.

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