Sunday, 12 January 2014

'nids part 119 - PROJECT Y Scratchbuilt Tyranid Skyshield Landing Pad pt2.

This is only a small update really, although the actual process of moving forward with this was quite momentous. The foamboard landing pad base has been sat for a long time while I've progressed with the towers. I'd originally planned for these to run simultaneously but trying to ensure the pad slots in neatly is making a concurrent process more practical.

I scored some areas into the foam and then went at it with my Dremel-alike. Clearly I was a bit over-zealous in places where I've cut through the board completely. I now have doubts about the structural integrity which means I'm going to have add a mounting board base, which will stall proceedings as I don't have access to the board at home. Each join to the Capillary towers has been incrementally 'nibbled' to make a neat and tidy fit. If I'd have done this before fleshing out the towers this fit would not work.

I have only one piece of plasticard, I've had it for years and thought this would be the ideal opportunity to use it on the base for my detachable walls. 'A' is wrong, the nibbled joins means it's too long which could have been rectified if I hadn't put those to end bits on back to front. Essentially those will add a bit of support and join neatly to the walls. Luckily this cock up will provide me with a test bed for all my experimental goings on with the plastic cutlery. Incidentally I am drawing my inspiration for the excellent, go check it out and see what crazy terrain they make over their out of the simplest of materials. I first saw their work on terra-genesis but I'm really glad they found a home to showcase the best of what they do.

So next up I have to add the base to the pad, which will allow me to do the clay sculpting on top but also I try adding magnets for the wall. Can't work out whether one would be sufficient or two which seems to make more sense may end up being overkill... it's these sort of thoughts that slow down progress.

Anyway, this has added a further 2 hours and 30 minutes to the project, depending on whether it's included in the Capillary Tower time or not. It actually seems like a lot of time for not very much but stripping back that foamboard is quite delicate even if my end results are not testament to this ;)

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