Friday 20 December 2013

What's on my palette?

"It's been two months since my last confession" and it's been 3 years before I actually had the good sense to drop that line! So I've beaten the hobby blues and rediscovered my mojo. I've done the following
  • Chaos Cultists 
  • Capillary Towers - modelled
  • 2 Print and play terrain pieces
  • Started my Reaver Titan
Boy, that doesn't look a lot but what has happened is a sense of pace. We've booked tickets for Throne of Skulls in March. Even though that is three months away, a quarter of a year it actually feels not too far away and there are certain things that I want to do for then:
  • Land Raider Proteus [the original one not the Forgeworld]
  • Whatever the new Tyranid Codex throws at me
  • Capillary Towers Painted
  • Next lot of Cultists
  • Reaver Titan
Now the bottom three aren't essential and there are projects 'X and Y' which aren't on there. X is way, way off but Y is a different matter [cryptic enough don't worry I'll explain soon enough]. The Land Raider kind of is important because I want to enter a machine in the painting competition and I think it will do me good to get something Dark Angels completed. Although I don't want to rush it so although it's a priority I may re-think.

The funny thing is I've been thinking about this list over the past week since I started writing this post and the situation has changed even more. Escalation and Stronghold Assault have been included in the rules for Thrones so I'm no furiously trying to work out how to survive against the potential forces. This will become a blog post in itself  but in relation to that list I'm not holding anything sacred aside from what the new Codex brings.

One recent rumour suggested that making Tervigon's troops would come at the cost of a full brood 30 Termagants. I don't have that amount and enough for spawning, which I gather can be paid to never spawn out and even upgrade to 4D6. Regardless I do need more gaunts, I have 14 unpainted, with another 10 in the post. They will need painting but I don't know how I'm going to kit them out just yet so I will hang fire for the Codex.

Also I am having reservations about the cost of the lovely new big monsters - £44 for the Exocrine  and £47 [£48?] for the Harpy. They may be game changers, we'll find out in January, but I can currently pick up a Tervigon for £24.50. I know I never wanted to paint another but if I'm going to max out on gaunts I may as well 'be that guy' with three of them. At the very least I suspect that the real world cost may go up significantly after the Codex release so if I pick one up with some Christmas money even if I decide I don't want to go down that route I may be able to offload it, maybe even profit if they do hike the prices...

So in the mean time I'm prepping a lot of things and trying to plan ahead. I've based some of my Dark Vengeance Terminators:

I've even gone back to my finished Deathwing and added some yellow flock to the bases to make them a little more interesting. Also the Mechrite red edging on the bases had 'frosted' with Purity Seal so I added another coat of Vallejo Heavy Red to make them neat and tidy again [sorry no pictures just another shot of the DV Deathwing].

Overall I'm flitting from one thing to the next, I've more fingers in pies than I know what to do with and still trying to get it on the blog. It's getting a bit difficult to juggle everything and release info in a coherent order, not to mention I'm in the mood for 'doing' again and 'recording' gets in the way of that. Additionally I'm fighting a losing battle on keeping the SKY box free of cool [and some not so cool but I'm stuck with them now] TV shows. Lots to do, lots to share, just need to strike that balance.

And the third re-think on this post, just this morning I had another epiphany, I get those a lot don't I? Anyway, with what I would consider an already full schedule and taking into account I highlighted just two Dark Angels last night and it took me two episodes of Revolution to do them - that's 1.5hrs! and it's not like they're insanely great either, I mean I like them but there are deficiencies. However, even though there are things that I have to do that are going to be quite time intensive I've suddenly added a few more things to the mix and they're Capillary Tower level effort! Hopefully I can let you in on the grand plan before the years out. Whatever happens time and project management is going to be the key to getting this done, that and a lack of sleep, but I can do that really well.


  1. Where does one get a Tervigon for £24.50? It doesn't seem fair to compare some crazy discounted price on a Tervigon vs. the new models. Won't you also be able to get discounts on them?

    1. Granted postage is another £1.99 on top but that's still hella cheap. From what I've seen of the Haruspex it's no bigger than the Tervigon, it may have more plastic but I really can't get my head round the price.

      You're right I'm comparing the discount price with GWs retail prices and the same retailer looks to have items at £47.50 for £33.25 which probably works out at the Tervigon being roughly £9 less - lazy journalism ;) But that's still a third of the less and I could get another 10 snap fit Termagants from them for £8.40, maximising my postage costs and still coming in cheaper than the GW online deal of 20 gaunts for £20.

      If the online deal is not the snap fit ones and you get all the biomorphs then that's the better deal, we'll have to wait and see, otherwise I could get 25 models of £21 versus the online offer. Although I just picked up 10 snap fit models for £6.14 on ebay so I'm more inclined to go that route where possible, I get an adrenalin rush in those last few seconds :)