Monday 30 December 2013

To Done! - Tyranid Aegis Defence Line

Don't worry, you haven't gone mad I know I've had a Tyranid Aegis Defence line for quite a while, well this is the completion of the 'spare' and it's on my '2013/14 To Do List'. All that was waiting was some Tendril Vines and the sand base. For some reason stripping string and twine apart and then soaking it in PVA before I individually position them to look like trailing alien vine growth didn't appeal to me, so I'd put this off for long time.

But I'd done the Capillary Towers vines and thought I might as well add to the two hours doing them and continue on with half an hour of pimping the walls. Additionally I added sand to the bases. In the new year I may ask my mate Liam at Blue Warp Studios to take me through the finer points of making a mould and casting these up. Escalation allows for multiple defence lines so this is a perfect opportunity to build more.

Here's my big blue tick for getting it done.

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