Wednesday 4 December 2013

'nids part 114 - Scratchbuilt Tyranid Capillary Towers pt9.

Not much to show in these pictures really, just my sand mix PVA'd in place.

I tried to put less PVA on the crests of the craters, doesn't make much sense that dust and sand would still be perched on the bits that have ruptured upwards.

Another use for that toothbrush - scrubbing the extra sand off the bases. Using 'sharp sand' doesn't half wreck brushes!

20 hours and 15 minutes to date, with the sand taking 25 minutes and we're on 20 hours 40 minutes.

Onto the 'female' towers. I hot glued lava rocks in place.

Then once done I applied PVA and tissue paper to make the membranous sack that the fleshy growths are bound by.

Then a selection of beads were PVA'd in place.

Anywhere that the holes were visible for the beads had extra drops of PVA added to clean them up. Next up some PVA'd string for tendril vines and we're done.

Another 40 minutes doing the flesh sacs and we're on 21 hours and 20 minutes time on the project
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  1. Sweeeeeet. I am in awe of your sculpting work, man - love watching them come together!