Tuesday 31 December 2013

FREE - Battle Mission - Ephemeral Scuffle - Knowledge is Power


The other week at 1:30 in the morning as I struggled to get to sleep, following my epic confrontation with Ben and his Necrons, my mind was racing and in a brief epiphany I had an idea for a Battle Mission. Not only that, but I could give it away, like for FREE! Once again, who doesn't like free stuff? I do and it's the season for giving afterall. So to see out 2013 [good riddance!] and hopefully usher in a new more benevolent and fun 2014 I thought I'd make it a reality.

For all I know this mission may already exist, it's probably not the most original idea, but then again, what is? Anyway, in my typical fashion of coming up with a suitably flippant 'Aldi' naming convention for the flipside of an Eternal War mission [GW like their wordplay too] I came up with these alternative titles [and you can tell which one I chose but let me know if you prefer another]

  • Ephemeral Tussle
  • Ephemeral Tiff
  • Ephemeral Scrap
  • Ephemeral Ruckus
  • Ephemeral Struggle
  • Ephemeral Skirmish
  • Ephemeral Scuffle
  • Ephemeral Conflict

To download the first Ephemeral Scuffle mission data-blurt, point your Cogitator here:

Let me know what you think, if I'm visited by the voices again maybe they'll come up with another FREE mission?


  1. I love this mission! You could also score based on who holds what at the end of each phase. It would be like basketball: lots of points!

    1. Thanks GSi, I wanted something that would potentially have slightly more than 4 or 5 pt missions I'd had recently but also something that would reward holding an objective for longer than just the last turn.