Friday 6 December 2013

support your local blogger - Blue Warp Studios

He's only gone and done it! My mate Liam has started a blog at I cannot recommend it enough, afterall I've been showcasing his insane talent and machine-like productivity for years. Lets face he scratchbuilt a Warlord Titan:

He scratchbuilt a beautiful Warhound Titan too:

He kitbashes all sorts of awesome models

And his painting is award winning, scooping loads of the certificates at Throne of Skulls

And he's insane enough to make his own life-sized Chaos Space Marine helmet too! And he shows how to make it in his blog!

Seriously, is that not evidence enough to follow his blog? Well once again it's a low rent blog, updates every couple of weeks or so and hopefully with more readers he may well dip into his massive collection and showcase all those other armies he has - Elves, Dark Eldar, Crimson Fists, Chaos Marines and many more.

Liam is a hobby genius so sign up now!

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  1. Thanks Dave, kind words but I have a lot to live up to, you have set the bar very high :)