Sunday 27 January 2013

To Done - BloodBowl Skaven 4

I'm not entirely sure when I got Blood Bowl. It's release was in 1988 and I either got it for my Birthday or the Christmas preceding it. My good mate Pete had it first and having played it had to have it. I spent a lot of time with my elves/dwarves but I bought a lot of  the Elves I played with on a French exchange trip which took place around 2nd or 3rd year so it kind of fits. Anyway, in all the time I had it I never had a completely painted team, until now.

The amazing things about this team is that aside from the doubled Throwers, Blitzers, tripled Catchers there are only two Linesman that are the same. When it came to doing Skaven, although the poses are near identical, someone had a lot of fun just tweaking the ratmen. Additionally I took one of the 'star players' with four arms and mutated him yet further with a set of tentacles!

The other half of my front line.

And the man of the moment my rat ogre from the Island of Blood set - no modification required. I still have the second rat ogre and the pack master to go with it. Can't decide if I want to sell them yet.

Three different linesmen.

Three more linesman poses.

I'm really digging the Hallowe'en Pumpkin vibe - maybe I should change their name to something more 'festive'?

They make a good line-up.

I wouldn't want to face these guys - see what I mean about the glowing eyes working en-masse. Sure it's a bit blunt in places but I think the slightly cartoon vibe of BloodBowl means I can get away with it.

Not sure what the rules for mutants are in the current edition, hopefully I can get his mutations. I'm pretty sure the tentacles were painted better the first time compared with this.

This Skaven is called 'Buck' with his eye patch he reminded me of the Simon Pegg character from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

And another 'bundle shot', really need to print out their endzone.


  1. While bloodbowl holds no special place in my heart, finely painted miniatures do. These guys look great--especially that rat ogre!

  2. That's a fine-looking Skaven team and a well-painted pitch. You can see images of some of my painted Blood Bowl teams (mostly 2nd edition miniatures) via the link below.

    1. Love your Greenfield Grasshuggers, I did a Dwarf Warhammerers end zone here: it may be of use.

  3. Great looking team - the glowing eyes work mate.

    1. Thanks Tristan, it's always a bit hit an miss for me on OSL, although my end results tend to be cartoony anyway so I think I can get away with it even when it goes wrong.

  4. Nice team. I really like the color combination, especailly the green details on orange armour. Albino rats are a cool idea too :). Good job!

    best Siggi