Tuesday 15 January 2013

1500pt battle report - nids Vs Grey Knights

A while back I promised Erle I would try to be more detailed in my battle reports and include army lists. I have to confess that may not be a promise I can follow up on as I seem to incapable of retaining enough information to match up to the number of pics I take. Even less than 24 hours later I occasionally can't seem work out why I took a photo of a specific dice roll - it must be important but sometimes it's just lost on me. Then again a battle report usually takes an hour or two to write up so I'm not sure if I can commit to any extra investment, feel free 'unfollow' me now the standards are slipping!

Anyway I finally got to go round to PeteB's for a match up with his Grey Knights. I haven't played him since before Throne of Skulls, far too long. We went with 1,500pts and the wife gave me strict instructions to begin and end the battle on the same day - so no creepign in at 1:00am. First up apologies for pics, I used my camera phone which was less receptive than usual. Also of note is I left my Trygon at home so a frankly traitorous Nemesis Dreadknight filled in. When I say traiterous you may think he was betraying the Grey Knights but as you'll see his performance was particularly dire that I think he may have been fighting for them all along.

I went with the 2 Tervigon's, tried out the Winged Hive Tyrant again and ran with 5 Hive Guard, no Warriors or Warrior Primes this time. The Trygon, Doom in a pod, 10 Devgaunts and min Broodlord/Adrenal Stealer's and Defence Line. I think my powers were as follow:

Psychic Powers
Tervigon HQTervigon TroopBroodlord [Adrenal]Hive tyrant
EnfeebleEnfeebleEnfeebleWarp Speed
Iron ArmIron ArmNA Life LeechIron Arm

PeteB, had Coteaz with some Guard in a Chimera, a Rhino with some Heavy Weapon Servitors two squads in Power Armour, A nemesis Dreadknight and a Storm Raven with another unit inside. The Mission was Big Guns Never Tire with Hammer and Anvil setup on a 5' x 4' board [he knows he bought 8 of those 2' x 2' sheets but could only find 5 so split one]. 5 objectives, one each in our Deployment Zones - the back of the ruins top left, behind Defence Line top right, first floor balcony of ruins bottom left, between woods and ruins bottom right and the black escape hatch middle right. PeteB set up first but I won the initiative and elected to go first [?!]

Broodlord Perils for warp!

Troop Tervigon spawns 9 gaunts [and poops out] into the ruins with the objective in the bottom left and heads off. HQ Tervigon heads for the centre, Hive Tyrant swoops [Iron Armed +2 or +3 I think] Trygon supports. 3 Hive guard Advance to just short of the Defence line on the left, the other two advance into the ruins on the right, all short of range.

Don't forget, that Dreadknight is my Trygon. The Hive Tyrant manages to kill three of the space marines behind the Defence Line which I think beat the odds by around one.

Devgaunts advance into the woods.

Trygon suffers two wounds.

Hive Guard take a loss and an additional wound from the Dreadknight and Rhino.

Broodlord perils for Warps Speed again!

HQ Tervigon spawns 5 gaunts and poops out. they're going to assault the Dreadknight ahead of the Tervigon. Doom arrives spot on, sucking 1 wound of the Dreadknight. Due to Warp Quake I couldn't put it behind the Defence Line and if it had gone near the Chimera there was something else which would have allowed his unit Interceptor!

Hive Tyrant swoops above the Bastion, Trygon heads fro the Defence Line and Devgaunts move up but only first three are within range of the Grey Knights.

I'd stupidly forgotten to move the HQ Tervigon through the building to support the Termagants in assaulting the Dreadknight. The suffer one loss and despite hitting it a few times fail to damage it.

Combined fire from the Tyrant, Devgaunts and Trygon reduce the Knight squad to 3 but they stand fast.

Everything in the Rhino, Chimera and the three remaining Knights behind the Defence line let rip on the Trygon.

He dies securing both First Blood and a Heavy Support Victory Point for PeteB! [curses].

Storm Raven arrives and put two wounds on the Tyrant, but he doesn't get shot out of the air at least.

2 wounds from the Doom on the Dreadknight, here comes the Invulnerable save, which prevents it from being wiped off the board.

Hive Guard get 1 glance and 3 pens on the Rhino but none of the pens blow it up leaving the vehicle wrecked and the occupants taking cover behind it's charred remains.

The other two Hive Guard hit the Chimera and manage to blow it up, a number of the Guard inside die but some survive due to Coteaz's 4+ invulnerable save. A good turn for the Hive Guard.

The Tervigon gets off his a$$ and makes it into combat with the Dreadknight leaving only 1 wound on it.

Once again the exact significance of these dice eludes me but I think they may be saving throws because although the Tyrant is showing only two wound he doesn't feature in any further pictures so I guess he was killed at this point...

A Grey Knight squad gets dropped off by the Storm Raven, they roast the Mycetic Spore.

but then suffer the consequences of standing too close to the Doom. Meanwhile the Dreadknight finally succumbs to the combat/Doom and I gain a VP for a heavy Support kill.

The Storm Raven puts 2 wounds on the troop Tervigon.

I peril yet again though on what I'm not sure.

The HQ Tervigon moves round the wrecked Rhino, I realise the force halberds will kill him but I have no option. The two Termagants scramble over the Rhino but one dies due to dangerous terrain.

The Tervigon fails to stop the Force Weapon's doing what they do and PeteB gets Slay the Warlord.

Knights consolidate to the centre.

Another important dice roll lost in the mists of time and a brain like Swiss Cheese [apologies]

I think this was the view after the Knights eradicated the last of the Hive Guard holding these ruins on the hill in the centre.

Remaining Stealers are shot off the objective by the Storm Raven

The Doom goes for Coteaz

I think this was Coteaz's Leadership roll, which meant he didn't succomb to the Doom.

The Storm Raven shoots up the back of the Tervigon

The game ended on turn 5 with, I believe, a final score of 6VPs to PeteB and 4 to me. Once again I have to apologise for the rather patchy report. Part of me is compelled to write them but I've noticed recently they're actually getting harder to record. I'll have to find a better way, taking pictures is one thing but taking notes too, whilst trying to keep everything tidy AND play the game maybe taking the proverbial. We'll see how the next one goes... Well played to PeteB for getting the Knights to deliver on their winning potential. I'll have to think of a way to counter this now ;)


  1. Ever thought of doing video battle reports? The camera's are really cheap now and it seems to be a lot less effort to record the reports. That way you can get player's thoughts too. Either way, the in game pics are nice even if you don't remember all the details exactly. :)

    1. Well that's something worth considering. I'll really have to discuss this with the guys I'm playing with. I'm not sure if stopping to record what just took place would help in my average game lengths whereas taking a snap here and there, even with someone's hand moving a piece [which I kind of like]. can be less intrusive to gameplay. I'll think on though, thanks for the suggestion. Meanwhile I have an interesting game I'm hoping to have on Friday that will make a good report, eventually...