Thursday 17 January 2013

FAQ looky - New FAQ's

So new FAQ's came out yesterday and for Tyranids there was very little pink to get excited about boiling down to just:

Page 54 – Mycetic Spore, Transport Spore.
Change the second paragraph to read “A Mycetic Spore can carry a single unit of up to 20 infantry models or a single monstrous creature within its armoured shell. Once a Mycetic Spore has landed, all creatures within must immediately deploy – place the unit such that every model is wholly within 6" of the Mycetic Spore. If any models cannot be deployed because of impassable terrain or enemy models within 1", those models are destroyed. A unit that Deep Strikes via a Mycetic Spore cannot move or assault in the same turn it arrives but may shoot or run.”.
For some reason I immediately thought of the advantage to my Devgaunts despite not using them with the Spore Pod for quite a while. Face/palm later I'm realising just how much this impacts the Doom and how he's going to be much easier to position to maximise his leeching potential. Still no carsharing though

And still no repeal for the Broodlord Psychic rerolls


More importantly has my much hoped for Quad Gun mad it into the FAQ's as per this comment from the Warhammer World team:

Hey Dave - I have spoken to Simon and Jervis from Games Development (note - this isn't something we normally do, but given the pressing time limit, I went and did it!) and the answer is this - "Only emplaced weapons (such as those found on a Bastion or Fortress of Redemption) have the option to be fired either manually or automatically. Weapons attached to an Aegis defence line are gun emplacements, which cannot be fired automatically. The Tyranids FAQ document states that Tyranids cannot fire weapons manually, therefore as much as they are free to use Aegis defence lines, they will not benefit from any attached gun emplacements. We are, however, aware that this is a problem and will be reviewing the situation when we begin writing the next batch of FAQs in a few weeks." I hope that answers your question :) Nick
Erm, the answer is NO, so back in the box quad gun:

Meanwhile in the rulebook FAQ:

Q: If an attack with the Rending special rule rolls a 6 for their Armour Penetration roll against a vehicle and subsequently scores a Penetrating Hit, does that hit count as being AP2 as it would if the attack rolled a 6 To Wound? (p41)
A: No.
So Genestealers have been declawed. In fairness I can see the rules do in fact read this way, it just infers that as wounding infantry is equivalent to AP2 therefore a penetrating 'rend' would confer the AP2 +1 modifier to the damage roll. I'm obviously a bit miffed but lets face hit how many AP2 weapons are there? What is the point of having a AP2 modifier to the damage chart if you're going to only have a few opportunities to do damage. Anyway, time to re-think the old Stealers again. I think they're going to do even less now with only their Broodlord psyker unlocking potential.

Obviously there was all sorts of Vector Strike issues and only figures in weapon range being able to be wounded by the wound pool, which I kind of felt was the correct way it should be anyway. Every time I'd come to take figures off it was a double take moment of should they be wounded or not. I'm sure it'll actually impact me more than I realise but I can live with it.

Anyway c'est la vie!

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