Saturday 5 January 2013

Throne of Skulls Oct '12 - Army Lists

One of the many awards available at Throne of Skulls is 'The Scribe's Quills', the award for best army list. As it happens my friend Otty won with his Tyranid army list.

As I had plenty of access to his list I thought it would be cool to take a few pics to share so you can see what effort is required to secure such an accolade. Unfortunately I took these while we were travelling back home in the people carrier so some pics are a bit blurred as I was bounced around in the back. Here's the front cover complete with Carnifex head bookmark tassels, snakeskin cover and Inquisitorial purity seal.

Inside, hand-stitched illuminated script.

The army list

Unit types and statistics

Weapon stats and types [in 3D!]

I also had chance to take pictures of Liam's army list which was made from the flayed skin of some unfortunate slaves of the Dark Eldar [or £20s worth of leather if you're interested]. Hand drawn symbol on the cover.

Everything in the book is hand drawn and painted,

Once again the bouncing of the car made the image a bit blurred but I also felt it looked like abominable heretical text and how it's often described as being obscene and moves about the page as one tries to read it.

As you can see the story behind Liam's Dark Eldar is so unpleasant even the very words try to escape the page!

The army list.

Hopefully I'll get another copy of Ben's Necron list, which he printed on Papyrus, and share it at some point. Meanwhile my list is still available here:

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