Saturday 19 January 2013

Dark Angels Codex and 'List maker'

My Dark Angels codex turned up on Thursday and aside from all the netspeak about typos and FAQ updates already, I'm impressed. It's a quality book, full colour throughout with some amazing artwork. It's not a thick tome by any stretch and my initial thoughts feel there could have been a little more space reserved for successor chapters but maybe under scrutiny I will find the background I'm currently missing.

However, coming from the Tyranid Codex, all black and white[space] it's an incredibly rich publication, although it seems a bit visually dense when it comes to rule hunting. Building an army list is going to be quite a challenge for me in comparison with so many options and now that Alice 40k Warhammer club listmaker is no longer doing updates I was prepared to try and rejig their unlocked spreadsheets. Thankfully though it's already been done at don't use the first link though, scroll down and about half way they realise they need to make sure all the command squads are classed as 'bodyguards'. Not sure if it includes the FAQ amends and Chaplain Seraphicus but it's a handy start and easy enough to fix if it doesn't.

Jay Adan's take on Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus

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  1. For list making, battlecribe is quite neat and updated regularly.
    I'm using it since a long time now, the best is that it's free and fully editable.
    Then, it's up to everyone's taste for list making :-)