Monday 9 May 2011

Drop poding (again) - Drop pod update

Just a little update on my Dark Angels drop pod. As previously mentioned in my post on the fabulous Tin Bitz I'd tried to approximate Michal Gmitrasiuk's tutorial on CoolMiniOrNot [that I found after this] on battered metals. Pretty much doing so without reading the tutorial, I just went with a lot of stippling. Here we have the cleaned up version of the pod, I've set up using Black on all the bits that will eventually be Dark Angel Green.

Here you can see the nice effect of the stippling, both under flash and slightly shadowed.

Another shot of the interior under different lighting conditions.

Next up is the green [oh G.O.D. not green again?!] and I've got myself some Orkhide Shade, the Dark Angel debate and painting genesis has reached a new stage and Orkhide Shade is my new starting point.

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