Wednesday 11 May 2011

WFB - Homemade Hellblaster volley gun

Another one of my home made Empire artillery pieces, a Hellblaster Volley gun. All that was needed was some copper tubing, some Milliput and some balsa wood. The copper tube was cut into nine equal pieces. The pieces were glued to a balsa triangle and Milliput was wrapped around the end and the middle to hold the pipes together.

A box was constructed for the breach [I think that's the correct term] and a Milliput cog was made. Although not in this picture this had a sprue crosspiece from between four slotta bases as a handle and a skull was positioned in the centre.

One of the plans for this was that GW ran some rules in White Dwarf to mount a Hellblaster Volley Gun on the back of a wagon and with my success creating the Empire War Wagon I thought I'd have a go at that, though ultimately never got round to it. If I ever find the rules to it I'll pop them online.


  1. Excellent. I had to look closer when I read it was a scratchbuild. If you're talking years back, it might even have been in the Citadel Journal. I have fond memories of the inspiration in there.

  2. Porky wrote a nice comment about this but the Blogger outage the other day deleted his message but I did save my reply, which was thus

    "Thanks Porky, but it's very 'sratchbuilt' in reality. I think the lack of contrast is clearly a bonus. There was a wonderful story about the Hellblaster Wagon being created by some Empire Engineer, one of the the ones with the Italian sounding names that referrenced Da Vinci nodoubt. He ordered one to test only for it to be attacked while it was being delivered. The wagon train drivers had pressed it into service but it had blown up. They managed to break through the attack but obviously the gun was destroyed. Upon arrival the Enginner was taken with the image of the gun on the back of the wagon so ordered another with the express purpose of mounting on the carriage, it was really cool."