Wednesday 4 May 2011

'nids part 19 - DiY Mycetic Spore pt1.

So, in my discussion on trees I mentioned using pot pourri for alien vegetation, still not done anything on that front yet. But I did buy a bag and in it was a curious little object that looked like a coconut, although it's very light and not much bigger than a tennis ball. Of course my first thought was Mycetic Spore, 15 months on and still no sign of a GW model. I've got two Plasma Hatchers to convert/paint but I still wanted a proper scratchbuild due to the way the perfectly serviceable but universally derided child's toy is perceived by other gamers. Not that that would happen at my local GW, it's full of kids, they'd probably be OK with a Pokéball.

Anyway I thought this fella would make a nice vehicle for a Zoanthrope, it's not quite as big as a Plasma Hatcher so I could see a Zoan' popping out of one. Here's my plan of what to do with some other sketches of items from my bag of Pot Pourri and what I may do with them...

Eventually I got round to putting the tentacles/lash whips on the spore. Flower decorators wire in two thicknesses with some PVA glued string where hot melt glued to the base and spare Trygon spikes/claws were hot melt glued to the ends. Have to add the Chitinous plates on the bottom, like a hazelnut the Spore has a hardened bottom for orbital re-entry [ooer missus!] Anyway can't decide whether to do that with some DAS air-drying clay, which I have but have heard it's adhesive properties aren't great so I fear it won't stick to the pod. Or, purchase some Milliput, which I know will stick to this but hope one pack is sufficient to get the job done and I hate the mixing of it as your hands get hot and it collects in the grooves of your fingers, urgh!

I've prepped a Trygon base with a crater shaped edge out of stacked pizza base foam, to look like the spore has ploughed it's way into the ground. Got to coat it in air-drying clay to make it more 'cratery' but it should do the trick.


  1. That is going to look amazing painted - looks great now!

  2. Cheers, a while yet to go on it but your praise may be the kick start I need...