Wednesday 25 May 2011

WFB - Empire Mortar

Another quicky, a simple Mortar for WFB. Some more of my OTT highlighting, though I like it on this. Sure there isn't a huge amount of 'depth' in the wood grain but I don't think I'd feel ashamed to have it in my force now, if I was playing WFB now that is. Really I'm not even playing 40k at the moment! Sure we had that game the other weekend in an attempt to stimulate my son's interest. That lasted two turns, but it was a couple of hours of play. Of course it's the hobby aspect that's the draw for me, it's just not having any purpose to it that makes it feel like a waste of time...

Well, we'll see how things go with this blog. I think it's going to make a year of posts - it helps to keep the addiction 'on the boil'. I'll record my progress on the hobby aspects and if in the future there isn't quite the amount of content I can report then I'll scale things back a bit to when I have something worthwhile.

That seems like a bit of a 'bombshell' [or mortar fire] there but as my weekend game illustrated I'm spending all this time and effort on a hobby that ultimately has no purpose. Sadly I'm too obsessive [read - addicted] to let go of any of it and sell some of the bits off. At least then I'd have made a profit on the effort instead of having to accept that at least it kept me off the streets, ha, ha!

Don't worry there's a good few posts left in this blog yet but we'll be taking each day as it comes.

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