Sunday 15 May 2011

WFB - Odd knights

More of my Marauder Miniatures Heroes of the Empire. The Morrisons clearly liked tall Heroes, this Halberdier is massive. I used gold and silver, with some white/silver mix highlights. His Helmet was randomly 'enamled' in red with my red to white highlights picked up also on his gloves [what was I thinking?]

This Hero was my favorite of the three but originally he had a really feeble looking Warhammer so I chopped it off. I had quite a nice Greatsword, impressive looking if a little lacking in detail that fit perfectly but sadly the superglue did not last and I'm sure it's knocking around in a bits box somewhere waiting to be reunited with it's wielder.

Lastly our old friend the low level champion from a small squad of Swordsmen. This fella's using some magical flame sword. Altogether these were fantastic miniature, the Morrisons really could lay down some fantastic sculpts.

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