Thursday 5 May 2011

In the Metro today

In the UK we have a free 'commuter' paper called the Metro. I used to get it every day until my boss got sick of me reading it so I stopped. He's on holiday this week ;) so I've been enjoying it and what surprise when you open the page only to see your hobby being discussed. Luckily for those that missed it you can read the article online here:

It's particularly referencing the video games in production by THQ and Relic but it's interesting nonetheless. Of particular note is this bit:
Its success is not due to clever marketing or expensive advertising. In fact, Games Workshop has refused to be involved with this – a representative turning away the offer of free publicity in this article saying the company doesn’t do interviews.
That says an awful lot to me about GW, they don't do interviews? You can't approach a GW without a staffer trying to engage you and promote the hobby, they've opened up to Facebook and other media streams yet their not prepared to communicate to a readership of 1,385,037 [as of 28th Feb] people? Leaving it to THQ to wave the flag for the 40k universe seems unfair to me, what would the Emperor say?

Meanwhile I found a Local Friendly Game Store the other day, just 5 minutes from work [as opposed to the 15 minute walk to the Manchester GW]. So at least if I'm ever in need of a hobby essential I can nip and get it. However, my wife's correct, what is it about the aroma of these places? They all evoke the sense of musty sweaty boys? A small investment in some air fresheners I think for all hobby stores, or at least open some windows!

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