Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dark Angels - Land Speeder Typhoons - moar shots

These are the 'cinematic shots' i.e. the ones with a shedload of filters on to try and make them more interesting. Unlike my pic of the Dark Talon I'm not sure if there's any improvements but I always need some pics on my phone for various social media platforms so it's always worth doing.

Sure all my other To Done! pics are in the cloud but for 'reasons' it's nice to have some stored locally too.

These actually look really ropey, nevermind.

There seems to be a bit of a furore over the use of Prisma, certainly on Facebook folk are getting pretty steamed about it. Personally I think it adds another dimension but there's a knack to it and certainly little benefit of using it on WiP shots with all your hobby table in the back ground.

I can definitely recommend dialling back the filter sometimes, it helps bring back definition of the model but retains the artistic styling.

I could imagine this being useful in making a 40k comic, if I had the time I'd do it I'm sure some bright spark will take the idea and run with it though. Certainly make the headlight OSL work though.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.